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    Kutilijus Guest

    Default I need a bit of help

    Hey everyone, alright it's like this.. I am a PUA for a bout a year, but not a really good one..

    As i noticed, my issues are that I cant always find "what to talk" "what to flirt about" with women.. But when I do, i ACE it down.. I would appreciate if someone could give me valuable advices.

    Alright i've got a few stories here, and I am confused, not sure what is the right thing to do.

    There is a girl in my school, she's HB9.. Lol 5 years ago we were in a relationship or something like that, but anyway it all gone bad and we haven't talked for a long time. Now a few months ago i've started to flirt, talk etc with her, i haven't shown a lot of interest because she's hot, and her ioi were positive. Now the problem is that now we only hi each other for a month now, I find it really hard to find what to say to her, despite the fact that i talk easily with any other girl.. I think we have some kind of connection, but I aint doing anyting (till i ll find something full-proof) not to break it.. What would you guys do ?

    So here we go with story no 2. Few days ago I was partying with my classmates, over 30 people. Anyway, there was a girl ( my classmate girl), we haven't talked much with her at school, but I've built rapport, comfort etc with her during the party.. We spend most of the night together, basically we drank and smoked weed whole night.. We even slept in the same bed.. I'll see her at school and in my lessons in a few days, and I want that our connection would continue and even take everything to the next level. Now I am not sure how to put my cards right. I remember that she promised me that we'll drink tequila next day or week ( i've forgotten due to alcohol), how could I use this to get her in same place with me and tequila, everything should be done by her effort or something like that.. Oh and this will really come handy.. I remember her voice was soo farking sweet when we were lying in bed and talking to each other. How could I start to flirt out about her voice the next time I get to see her?

    I would appreciate any help you guys could give me. I am not shy, so I am up for everything.. Btw I am thinking of using The whiskey kiss ( replacing whiskey with tequila) when we will be drinking it. I hope that it will be my "take it to the next level".

    Thanks in advance.
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    Kutilijus Guest

    Default Re: I need a bit of help

    up cmon PUA's gimme some opinion here.

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    Tony Max Guest

    Default Re: I need a bit of help

    Story 1: You're giving her too much value. Just be fun and flirty, suggest a meeting for coffee, beer, something like that. A public place gives her safety, and you'll more than likely to move her to another location, something more private if the IOIs are there.

    Story 2: If she wants to drink that's her business. If a girl is drunk I personally won't go for her (she is giving a dlv, unless I'm farked-in-half drunk as well, lol). I advise to keep your mind clear when sarging. Your routines and Kino gambits stay organised in your mind and your structure will flow more smoothly. But if you both get sh!t-housed, and one thing leads to another....


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