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    carpediem8384 Guest

    Question How do I have a 3some

    My GF and I have been trying to find a cool girl for a threesome for about 4 years now (on and off of course). We've tried adult friend finder and craigslist and haven't been able to get a real person (full of fakes and saturated with single men and couples). Now I'm looking to make this happen by meeting people face-to-face.

    We're both 25, attractive, educated and funny. She gets hit on in about 2 minutes being alone at a bar, and I'm fine to go up to women as well, but this is a very different beast. She's willing, but a little nervous to do this and get rejected (finally a hot women facing the fear of rejection) and I'm not sure it's best for me to be the one breaking the ice. Any thoughts or specific openers you think I should try?

    Thanks for the expert help guys!


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    Default Re: How do I have a 3some

    gay bars with lots of dikes could net you guys a bisexual girl. i think that would be the easiest place to find your target.

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    carpediem8384 Guest

    Default Re: How do I have a 3some

    I heard that was generally a no-go because they are strictly looking for single females. If I tried it, what do you think would be a good way to approach, open then seduce a girl?

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    TheresNothingToIt Guest

    Default Re: How do I have a 3some

    Well finding a bi-sexual girl isn't as hard as it seems. Bars are *one of* the best ways to do this, but clubs are better. A place full of seductive dancing and where people are rubbing against one-another is the best place for this. Both of you go separately playing the role of a "single" person. You will look for and chat with girls. Go with some money though, during your conversation you're going to want to buy drinks before exploring her intimacy with girls. It's easier to get that out of them after a few drinks, maybe some dancing, and talking.

    Meanwhile your girl, also single, is out on the floor. If there's girls dancing with her and they have been drinking and end up making out, then it's highly possible they COULD be interested. Emphasis on the could. Your girl shouldn't be afraid to throw out compliments to a girl who's made out with her in a more sexual way. Rather than they "you're really cute" throw out the "damn you're hot" and have her ask if she wants to hang out with her and her "friend" (a.k.a you) and see where the night takes you. After a few successful hang outs with these girls ONE of them is bound to want to try it. Don't force it, just smoothly ride into it with the both of them as if it were your first time getting into your girlfriends pants again, as well as this new girls.

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    carpediem8384 Guest

    Default Re: How do I have a 3some

    Great answer. This sounds pretty doable. I can probably try this with her if dudes like you don't pussy block her too much

    Thank you. Let's keep this thread going though, because I'm sure other guys are looking for similar. (especially the kind that love women but hate cheating)

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    Instinct Guest

    Default Re: How do I have a 3some

    Are you sure your girl is in to this? Because when we decided to do three somes we just tarted meeting cute girls, and we would just both hit on her and that was that. Like, no skill required. It's odd that you have been trying to do this for years, it took us, I dunno, hours. Are you sure she is into it? How many women have you asked?

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    carpediem8384 Guest

    Default Re: How do I have a 3some

    we've been trying off and on for 4 years but really only through clist, which is clearly terrible for this sort of thing. I think we just need to be in front of people. Yea she's into it.

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    TheresNothingToIt Guest

    Default Re: How do I have a 3some

    Well the reasoning behind my answer, and going out as a couple like Instinct has said is good, is because a couple that I hang out with and went to a club with went together. However, they separated from one another and the girl went straight for other girls. After some dancing and doing shots with one another SHE was asked if she was bi or bi-curious at least 5 times that night. Unfortunately for the male in the relationship he didn't get any 3sums that night, nor was he comfortable with dancing with other girls (even though his girlfriend told him to) because of how she is sober. She wouldn't allow anything like that to go down on his end, only she's "allowed" to pick up girls for her/him/them. It's an odd relationship, I know. So simply out of hands on experience I have noticed *thus far* that the girls are usually more successful in making a 3sum happen than guys. I could be wrong, and I've yet to be able to test these waters with myself and a girlfriend.

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    carpediem8384 Guest

    Default Re: How do I have a 3some

    We're pretty comfortable in our relationship. I doubt she'd like me making out with a girl, but dancing is OK.

    I'm confident we can each get to the point of being liked by a girl, but I'm concerned about getting to the point where we "introduce" the other person. She doesn't want me to do anything overtly sexual with her.
    How should I put that?
    "This is my GF", or "this is my friend who will be very pissed is I stick my penis inside you this fine evening?"
    Should I start having some good Kino with the target or just to the point where she's showing decent interest?
    What phrasing would be the best to start the conversation down the right path?
    Are there any specific ways to use my gf as my wing that won't put me in the "untouchable" category?

    This doesn't need to happen in one evening.

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