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    Default Picking up women at bars

    The place where I currently live is about a two minute walk from a bar(if that). It's a good sized bar with a pool hall a main bar area and a side room with tables. The focus is more on the bar than the restaurant so it's not exactly family friendly(not that I care). It seems like the kind of place a guy could conceivably pick up women. I was just there a little while ago but didn't stay because it was too crowded and no place to sit.

    Anyway, what I would like to know is this. What is the best way to go about trying to pick up women at this bar. Obviously I have the advantage of living super close so getting a woman back to my place would logistically not be a problem. Are there any online guides(preferably free)or is this something I can do with just the right advice and don't need to study a whole lot(ie not much of a learning curve). Thanks.

    Also, I should mention that I don't really have any friends who I would go here with and don't really know anyone that well who goes here. I do know one guy from my building but not that well(the bar is off the main street in front of the apartment complex I live in). I would be doing this solo and no wing so I need advice that would make me not dependent on the kind of game where a wing is involved.

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    Default Re: Picking up women at bars

    First off, the lack of seats is irrelevant. If you're sitting down, you're doing it wrong.

    Second, get your apartment in shape and come up with a cool gimmick to get her back there. This could be as simple as a few bottles of booze to get people stopping by afterhours or for a pregame, or something more clever, such as an art collection, or whatever means something to you personally. In other words, it can start off as a talking point and turn into an excuse for her to stop by. Personally, I like to have a bottle of absinthe around for this purpose. It's slightly mysterious, is "known" to have psychological effects, etc. A nice trick is to keep it in a decanter. It adds to the mystery if they can't identify it from a liquor store shelf. You can even make up some bogus story about how rare it is. Or mix two bottles 50/50 to come up with your own special "blend". Whatever.. it's just about having something interesting that can capture their imagination for awhile.

    Third. Have some snacks available or learn how to make something fast and easy. Same idea as above. I can do crepes (using a premade frozen fruit sauces... it sounds fancy but it's basically just a pancake), quesadillas, and several other things that require less than 4 ingredients.

    Fourth, have a comfy bathrobe or smoking jacket. It can get her lounging around, feeling "at home" and so forth.

    Fifth, let's talk about actual game. It's pretty standard stuff. Make sure you know folks there, maintain a good rep, tip well, develop some inside jokes, etc. Ensure this is a place where you always dhv. DO NOT go in their to get drunk every couple of nights. Make sure you leave people wanting to see you more. Make a habit of stopping in for a quick pint and then head out for some place more exciting. Ask the bartenders out after their shift. Find the late-night places in your area that they might like to go to after getting off work-- this isn't even about hooking up, it's about building relationships!

    Remember to bail out quickly whenever you feel your energy level dropping. Don't become a pathetic regular who just sits at the bar. Strive to become that mysterious local guy who everybody knows and likes, who sometimes stops in for a bit. Never stick around if you aren't having a good time.
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