Hello everyone,

After lots of reading and not taking much action I decided to go for it and do a bootcamp. In my entire life until the boot camp the only reason why I would approach a random woman in my life is to ask her the directions to somewhere. I had experience with women before but only if I were to meet them through friends or a situation where there was a good reason to talk to them. My social skills were pretty much destroyed as everything I was doing for the past year was living with a girlfriend and working I did not get to socialise with other people as I just did not have any time. I was always more then terrified of getting rejected by any woman. The Idea of me coming up to a girl and saying "hi" without a reason was so far away I could not possibly imagine it.

My first night at the boot camp, I was very nervous I did not know what it is going to be like, what to expect how its all going to end, am I going to go home feeling awful and embarrassed. I met Kingy, Jag and the other students at 7 pm. The instructors talked a little about themselves, they were very friendly they explained a bit of theory to us and gave us some openers and then they said we have to approach. I was frozen I could not say anything past "hi, what's the occasion!", I really tried not to approach even though I knew I needed to. Luckily Jag had been pushing and pushing me throughout the night he really understood how I felt , both instructors wanted me to approach so that I can get use to it.

On Saturday I met up with Jordan and Aris the day game instructors, Jordan had tonnes of positive energy, Aris was a very laid back cool guy they told us to do an approach just to get blown out to get back into the routine. Before the boot camp I have read somewhere that it is absolutely insane to randomly approach people who are on a busy street who are also busy with their own staff walking somewhere. That was my thought as well but at the end of the day if you never try you will never find out. I opened 2 French girls, said the opener talked a bit, froze up again and just responded with "pleasure meeting you" to go away, surprisingly one of the girls opened me back by saying "what was your name again ?". It just proves that people want to get to know other people and there is absolutely nothing wrong in approaching strangers.

We went to a quiet pub for day game theory, both instructors were happy to answer any questions we had and expanded on a lot of details. After theory Aris had taken me to Oxford street to approach women in turns, that was very motivational and he would also give me feedback on every approach I made so that was very helpful, he happened to be very friendly to me and had a chat with me about what I do ... etc and that was very relaxing as it did not feel like we were doing robotic approaches. Also by then I have noticed that every instructor has their own different type of approach and we as students get a very good variety of knowledge.

The day game was over and we met up with Paul another instructor for the night game this guy yet again had a different and very unique approach compared to other instructors. In the club he had noticed one very important thing about me, he said I am not comfortable in the club and if I am not comfortable I am going to be nervous and that will effect my approaches. That was one of the best advices, and the moment I got use to the club Paul had to go because it was 12:00 am. I still stayed in the club and I on my own for two and a half hours approached women myself and I could tell it was getting better and better.

On Sunday was our last day for day game, I had 7 hours sleep , I was tired , we did a bit of theory and hit the streets. I told Jordan I was in a very bad state and it was also frustrating. Then Jordan said if you feel bad just go up to a girl and basically say "I feel very bad and women are best counsellors" in my head I thought that there is no way anyone can come up to a person and say that they feel bad, I actually expected any girl to say suck it up and be a man or something along those lines. But I went along with it anyway I approach a girl very calmly already in my head knowing she will tell me to go away and it was the first time I genuinely did not care and I said : "hey you know I feel really bad today and women are the best counsellors so.. counsel me" she actually responded with "you know I actually feel stressed too" and then instantly got her to have a coffee with me. I got so relaxed I could now start talking I would not freeze up, she got really comfortable we spent 2 - 3 hours talking and after we went for a walk she had to go back, she was very happy at one point she said she did not want to leave me alone but she had to go back to her project which was the reason she was stressed that day. She went for very a big hug and asked for my Facebook at which point I number closed her. Who knew that two complete strangers who were feeling shit could make each other`s day just by being honest and Authentic.

To conclude, I was able to reduce my Approach Anxiety by a lot through the boot camp, I got better at approaching women, I loosened up a lot when speaking to strangers, went on a date and got some numbers. This weekend really proved to me that nothing is impossible.