Go ahead. Post the funniest things you've said. They don't have to be smooth, or cool, they don't have to have worked... just lay out the situation and tell us what you said that's hysterical.

To get started, here's mine from tonight. My friend on FB was posting about how her B-day was coming up and she wanted a watch from Michael Kors. I replied with, "That's a really pretty watch, but where would I go to buy one of those? I don't even know.."

She told me I could buy it online, and that lots of stores carry them. So I said...

"Ok Cool. I might have to buy one of those for this one super-pretty and special girl I know. Hopefully you can find somebody to buy one for you as well!"

Like I said, we're friends. She "liked" my comment. It was just a good laugh... So how about yours?