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    Default My approach in this situation

    Hey guys, college student here -

    Just recently realized that there was a babe in 2 of my courses over the last 2 weeks. So, I nutted up and went to talk to this female on the way out of class and I was fairly smooth with the conversation and I felt that her response to everything was pretty good. Got her number, told her we should work on something together sometime soon.

    Well, my buddy got back in town and was having a large party, thought I might invite this girl out. Is what I said too straight forward? please give me honest advice and let me know what I can do better in the future. (BTW I start this text convo off what was previously stated in our actual verbal conversation in person)

    (1:43pm)Me: Hey Emily did you finally finish your programming project lol

    (2:00pm)Her: I did not!! I'm going to see the professor actually lol

    (2:24pm)Me: Haha seriously?? You could've just asked for my code to reference. When are you seeing the prof

    (2:43pm)Her: Just did. Man. What a wreck. He basically asked me to leave

    (3:15pm)Me: Not surprising I told you he sucks. At least its the weekend though. I only have one more class but that's it

    (3:22pm)Her: Ill be working on this project

    (4:59pm)Me: Finally im free..... Programming is too hard when you're stressed. Come out with me tonight at around 10pm to campus corner and have some fun

    SO basically no response..... I don't even know what I'm doing wrong anymore I try to use stuff I learn.... I feel like I didn't have enough mid game but I'm so tired of playing games with these females I thought being straight forward was at least a positive trait. I was pretty confident in the conversation we originally had, made eye contact, was really calm and collective about the entire thing. Didn't ask her what she was doing, but instead had a plan in mind since that seems to be the more alpha thing to have.

    Thanks guys.....

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    Default Re: My approach in this situation

    Direct can sometimes be the best way to do things, just remember that not every girl is going to go for you. You can do EVERYTHING right and still she may flake on you. Sometimez though the girls are busy and you shouldn't really fret about not getting a reply all the time. I'm starting to get a pattern that some women will converse more in person than during texting. Don't always blame things on you. Learn from this experience and get better the next time you text her.
    You lose some you win some, learn from your mistakes and get better!

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    Default Re: My approach in this situation

    Do you think that maybe she is busy with her project, she basically told she would be working all weekend on it .... Nothing wrong with being direct, it's shows confidence and lots of girls like that .... you can't worry about non responses to text it happens to ALL of is .... just wait a day or two and Re-engage her, start with something new and different and work into asking her out ....GL

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