I have learned something very interesting in the last several days I will write about tonight in my blog. PM me for blog details. So I was on online dating today and following my "theory" hit them again when they are hitting and freeze them when you are on a roll.

Can't go about this to length but I have so many messages from this girl in the last several hours it is pretty unreal. She is an HB9 Cougar Sugar Momma. Good combo right? Almost a 10 but doesn't have the "look".Anyway she said I am and I quote "The most interesting guy" I played my best hand and was just like "Oh you know I have ego problems you are only making it worse lol".

Played it like a boss even told her we I want to have a roll in the hay and she said "How are you planning this?" Incredible. Interesting but she is not the girl I want. Anyway gotta go but this is going to be a very interesting year for me. Still trying to figure out how to revive another cold fish. Anyway will post about it in the blog tonight.