If you bomb a trick, AND YOU WILL , it's OK. I bomb tricks all the time and you switch your frame to funny guy and tell her you were bored with the conversation and wanted to do something more fun. Just play it off and say, “What...do you think I sit around and practice in front of a mirror?”

I act as it's no big deal, I don't get embarrassed and we move on like nothing happened. This is easier to do because I usually do NOT Open with magic tricks. If I'm introducing them in the middle of the conversation then it is a LOT more natural and mistakes can be played off much easier.

You also want to pick your magic tricks carefully and filter them out to be the most effective in whatever situation you are going to be in. For more information see the Chapter in this manual called “The P.U.M.A. Filter.”

These are the BASIC rules, fundamentals and guidelines. It's really not rocket science but without proper guidance on how to use magic correctly, many guys either never try them and experience how fun and effective they can be or they end up trying them, screwing up the interaction with the girl, hurting their attraction and never trying again.

Both situations are sad to me and I want to make sure they don't happen to you.
You're going to do well and you're going to to poorly. But that's Ok...keep practicing and just having fun.