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    Brad Jackson Guest

    Default The Pick Up Magic MINDSET

    The Mindset and attitude you use when you become a P.U.M.A. is very important. This is the fine line between being an entertaining in a harmless way…and being attractive in a seductive way.

    I will touch on this point several times, but I never let it be known that I came out to do tricks. Magic is something I’ll do when the timing is right or I know it will serve the outcome I want. I do not do magic every time I am working on a girl. You should trust your intuition.

    However, if I get bored when I’m out or there’s no real eye-candy or targets, I will practice magic for my friends when I’m just bored. Doing tricks when you’re bored is a great way to salvage even the worst of nights! You never know where it will lead and you’re practicing.

    I also will strategically play the part of the “Reluctant Magician.” If one of my friends asks me to perform a trick, I’ll act embarrassed and play it off while I think of a very simple one I can do at first…just to look like I’m not prepared. I’ll usually follow that up with something mind-blowing.

    Side note: I also play guitar. But I won’t pull it out unless we’re back at my house, the girl asks me if I play and I shrug, a little. She’ll ask me to play something and I’ll play it off like, “OK, but I haven’t practiced in a while.” Then I’ll strum some basic chords and usually play the song “Smelly Cat” from the sitcom Friends. It always gets a laugh and they assume I’m not trying to show off…but that’s when I hit them with a panty-dropping song that leaves their jaws open. Same is true with magic. The “unexpected surprise” is powerful with many things…but none so much as magic!

    The most important mindset that you need though is just to have fun. Life is good, go out and enjoy it. Don’t take your magic too seriously…or yourself for that matter. When you have P.U.M.A. Skills, you have the ability to attract AND ALSO entertain. I didn’t say “not” to entertain, just don’t make that all you do.

    You’re also going to mess some tricks up and get busted. THAT’S OK. It’s the only way you learn.

    People will never remember that you messed up a trick...
    and they’ll never Forget when you nail it!

    Another important thing to get in the habit of is noticing your surroundings and objects that can be used for magic effects. Once you learn the fundamental principles of sleight of hand, misdirection, etc, it opens up a world of possibilities. I’ve done magic tricks with things that no one ever would have thought about just because I knew how to use the fundamentals with objects or other ideas. Once you know this aspect, you’ll be scanning the room for anything you can use to demonstrate an effect.

    Lastly, practice your magic. When you get confident in your magic it will show in other areas. First you’ll know that you can do something that 99% of guys aren’t able to do. Second, when you’re performing confidently and not worried about screwing up, it gives you power over the interaction. You do the trick instinctively and your mind is free to tell her what ever stories or patterns you want to get her in the exact frame of mind you want her in. This is also called “frame control” and nowhere does it have as much potential as in magic.

    For more information, just visit

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    Default Re: The Pick Up Magic MINDSET

    Realized that A lot of whats posted here are links to videos.... Is it possible to get some links that don't require you to stream videos cause my net is really slow...??

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