Sup peeps Gotcha again
With another how to overcome Approach Anxiety,

Today ill post this exercise that i just found yesterday out by pure luck.
I haven't thought this any one to any one (not even my own students i coach)
So i will need to have a bit of feedback to make some tweaks here and there.

This exercise is based on trading something that you have for something that she has.
And i will be using this exercise soon to learn business guys how to sell a low value object.
In your case it would be trading it for anything she has.

How I found out the exercise (infield example)

I went for a walk trough the city at midday with my younger brother to observe people how they behave and how there body language was when walking. (and i tried the high five exercise link down below). Then we decided to go grab a beer at our local bar.

We never made it, not even close. We where stopped by this singles party there where 4 blonde girls all in the age from 26 to 30, At first they poked a right camera in my face, Then this blonde very high energy HB7 26 year old chick came running to me with candy hanging around her neck like necklaces. She was dress up in red flowers, in her hair on her shirt everywhere. (She was almost like a female PUA peacocking)

This necklace was made by having a very colorful piece of string, with on the end a very small bar of candy sicked to it with duck tape (Mars,Snickers,Bount y's)

She set the frame by asked me if she could trade the candy bars necklaces for something that i had, I loved the crazy idea en saw potential so i took the bait. (and the candy later on)

I asked the HB7 how many she would like to trade, she said "Lets try 5"
She had was holding quite a distance in my opinion. That's why i took her hand gently, pulled her in and gave her a hug and then asked if i that was good. She blushed, started to giggle, and looked at her friends to seek approval, then she asked to her friends if she could give them all away. The girl with the camera nodded a No, and said: "It needs to be something physical that she can hold on to and a max 5 bars." In what i replied: "She is doing just that right now."

All the girls giggled and could not stop doing it, Mean while my younger brother decided that he could better stay on the background. So he started to film this to with his photo camera. To review it later and for the hacks of it because they where doing it to.

Then one of the girls asked to my brother if he had anything,
He replied: I have 5 dollar so i cant pay here but i can trade it for the candy.
She came up to the HB7 (that i was still hugging, Took off 5 candy bar necklaces and gave them to him. Then made clear that they should move on, The HB7 had other plans! She gave me a long kiss on the cheek.
Then i blurred out, Stuck in her frame. Wondering what the hell just happened. Thinking: "did she... what?? I just got picked up! not me her! this is wrong! and so right at the same time, damn am 20 years old!"

Then the HB7 let go of me after a 5 minutes of hugging, Gave me another candy bar neck less waved/blow kissed me and moved on. While leaving me standing thinking and reevaluating of what just happened.

Now i wondered would this work the other way around to?

I took the candy bars from my brother, walked a few streets so she could not see me and do a few sets just wanting to try out my new came up theories. Again not wanting to get any phone numbers but with the goal to get a picture from a girl and make her day.

And result! It works the other way around to! Now i was trading the necklaces for something that she had. Girls love candy, and chocolate makes there day a lot brighter....
Now i was using the candy as a excuse to talk to a girl and they loved it.

My best set was this HB9 Blonde long legs, round sunglass, and black high heels.

I came up in the same way the HB7 did to me, Asked if she would trade my candy for something physical that i could hold on to, She Hugged me and, Hold on me while i was dangling the candy in front of her nose. Like you let a dog wait for his food. (meanwhile my brother asked to get a picture and she said yes). Then i kissed her on the cheek, let go of her, smiled and waved when walking away. She stood there the same as i did with the HB7 wondering what the hell just happened. (i was wondering what she was thinking....)

No name, No Phone number, nothing just trying it out for the hacks of it and the fun.

Oke, Sounds good what do i need for this Exercise?

  • Small candy bars (I think any kind of candy will do)
  • Colorful strings
  • Your self made "HB7 Candy necklaces"
  • Some spare time during the day
  • A joy full positive attitude
  • Daylight (I don't know if this works at night game guess we need to find out)

The Exercise

Go to girls and offer them candy and try to trade something physical in return. It can be anything. if you agree that she gives you a sticker for it, Cool! If you think you can get something better than a sticker or you don't like the object/physical contact she has giving to you, Cool! Than she ask her for something else that is in your mind better.

If she don't want to trade, Cool but give it a 2 shot. Try to give her a reason why she should trade you the candy for something she has. IS she still not liking it? move on to the next one!

I want you to stay positive, You got nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Don't go for the phone number, if she gives it to you. Take it That's your price!
She gives you a hug! Cool that's your price to! She gives you a tampon, Cool! if you like it its your price! (bit weird but every one like something)

The main goal is to make her day and amuse your self!
Exercise varieties for the more experienced "Trading Geniuses"

The Natural Trading Genius

Speak free! Say what you want, when you want, what ever you want.
You will be amazed by your natural self! See where it takes you!

The Freestyle Trading Genius

You do the exercise the same way, but have your own twist to it. Try to get her like walking with you. or even..... make it a date right after the exercise.......

The Backwards Trading Genius

Do the hole exercise backwards, now you give her a candy bar for being nice to you!

Links to in my opinion proven ways to train your approach or overcome your aa and start thinking postive

"The Compliments Man"

"The Highfive Method"

Well that's it peeps!

I hope this helps, you can go all ways with this method and i bet that the experienced guys will to having a joy doing this. Post your experiences and feedback it really helps!

Stay natural,