In my mind I would have foreseen no missed opportunities and plenty of widespread victories but alas it seems in my difficult and troubled mind I always find a way to botch the relationship. Well that's just normal since it is either break up or settle down so this process is only apart of life and renewal.

Anyway onto my thought for the day....

I failed my Destiny!!
No red tape, no large harem, no big fancy reports but I do have a story to tell after my 3 years in the Game. Anyway I failed my Destiny. My favorite Club I went from Zero to Hero and worse Public Enemy.

At my favorite spot (Nightclub)

Always done my best here but sadly now all the bartenders hate me (except 2) so in reality only 2 hate me but they all used to love me. Because I stopped taking shots with one and didn't pull the trigger on another I lost big time. Now when I try to talk to them they either call for backup (Bouncer squad) or walk strait to the Bathroom, wtf.

So I am a total chode at my favorite spot. This ain't a bad thing since the cover is really high at Nightclubs and takes till 11:30-12:00 to get really going. Whereas I went to the Bar and that place was hopping at 10 and free cover. So I have tons of other options plus Daygame. It's just the theatricality of it all. Why did I fail? For being a douche in other words. I even dumped my GF which you guys said was a good idea. So here I am again back to the Grind. But with a new edge and a new outlook. My Destiny of being Mr. Popular with all kinds of hot chicks in my social circle out of the question. But I did learn some things along the way.

The Thing about Casual Relationships
The thing about my last GF (casual relationship) was she let me hookup with her friends and even begged me to go home with them. I got jealous of her 7 BF's but she gave me about 3 more GF's and I would get hot and heavy with her friends and she wouldn't care. We were obviously together but she pawned me off since we were just friends with benefits.

It was pretty awesome so now I realize getting in good with a hot chick opens up hooking up with her friends and doing so to make her jealous is the most powerful.

Now besides the factors of why I broke up with her she was a money pit and a thirsty girl beyond belief I just never developed feelings for her so you can imagine I broke her heart when I broke up with her and can never recompense. It was a living nightmare and this was really bad advice on you guys part since it caused drama, drama, drama, and not the marvelous freedom you guys promised but I forgive and forget and decided to let bygones be bygones but let me make myself certain. I will never take your advice again for breaking up with a chick again!! But all other advice welcome. Anyway if she has 7 BF's and I share that with you it ain't your place to say what's good for me after all you didn't see the other side of it of how I had access to hooking up with 3 of her hot friends. Guess what you forgot to tell me? When I break up with her it severed the chain between me and hooking up with her friends too!! So word to the wise if you break up with a casual girlfriend kiss her friends goodbye also. All ranting aside I am happy now. It was probably for the best since she just couldn't do it for me (an HB9)
HB10 Masquerade Ball
So recently I decided to pretty much strictly dealing with HB10's or in other words "a girl worthy". So far in my search well I am coming up dry but my 10 on St. Paddy's called me lucky but gave a fake number (should have pulled for SNL/my new agenda for 10's). And lately been thinking.

Over the last three years in the Game or so I have met a lot of extremely gorgeous women (HB10's) who have all come and gone. We are on there on FB and friends then one day the ball breaks and I am blocked, rejected, deleted, forgotten, etc. So I found this to be a pattern with chicks I was drawn towards (9's and 10's) so whether I was silent or not I find it for me I cannot simply be friends with hot chicks because they are always expecting something out of me whether relationship, hookup or whatever. We cannot just chill. I tried that.

After the HB10 Cocktail Waitress, the HB10 Mansion Chick, the HB10 Famous Rack, the HB10 Super Crush, the HB9 Ex-Gf, the HB10 fake number, the HB10 Star Goddess, I have come to realize one very important thing. I CANNOT TRUST a woman's intentions.

Even if things are great for a few days, weeks, months, everything she does is based on emotions and the minute she finds something wrong with the frequency I am putting out, the vibration we are on, or the relationship we have I will be gone, gone, gone.

So time doesn't matter. I have been friends with the cocktail waitress for 2 years to be called out in the end as a total creep and have security called on me. I have been lied to that we were soul mates and then be given a fake number. I have been given false signals of a girl that says she loves me more than the oceans but knows I will seek new blue skies and then tells me I broke her heart and have no chance in a icey hell to win her back.

So in essence it all comes down to this...

Emotions. My Emotions.

Where are My Emotions?
When I comes down to it there is something I regret about each of these interactions, relationships, or experiences. I wanted to do something differently, take more action, take less crap, etc.

In the end the only way I am happy is if I am doing what I want. Not only that but now doing the opposite of doing what I "think to do". For instance I should text her again today and ignoring her instead. Or instead of ignoring her text replying right away. Basically acting on emotion until I "get into a groove" of my own and not trying to win her over so to speak of "making all the right moves" but going against convention. Something I do best which is innovation.

On aptitude tests I always score extremely high on Innovation like 100% and like 10-20% on Decision Making. Ain't that the truth. How does this impact me well simple. I am great at figuring a chick out and getting her to like me whether a 9 or 10 I got her all in by the balls 9 times out of 10 if the circumstances are right. In other words I got the ioi's and Interest Levels up high. The problem I find is moving it to S1 but I can make it to A1-3 and C1-3 just fine.

Anyway what does this mean for me. Well I am upgrading to even hotter women, yes even hotter. I mean like 10's or 9.5 only. We'll see cuz they are very hard to find. But literally I toy with 6's and 7's now they are like child's play. I don't even game them because it is no more sport.

Same with the 9's I can have them whenever I want. But I am finding the 10's worth the risk. Anyway talking to a stripper and of course she likes me. But I realize the only way to play the game is not to lose. And I have found the best way to not lose is never to like a girl like oh this is the one, my soulmate, future wife, etc. I just look at them more like a conquest and a good time. It is sad but true it helps me be less needy and more emotionally charged rather than turning to putty or something sappy like that. Being able to truely speak how I feel to an HB10 Stripper is pretty empowering to have her going Oh I could kiss you right now. Well let's just say this year I will be trying to hookup with 10's. I may or not succeed but who cares I know how to proceed and that's all that matters.

Yeah I can't help but feel like a total douchebag to have a bad reputation at my favorite Club and be looked at like a complete chode but then to be killing it more and more every new girl I feel like a pimp to be so comfortable and easy with a Stripper HB10 Quality yet so awkward and clunky with 6's and 7's.