Lets start by saying i went out with a couple friends the other day and it sucked. One of them was approaching every single girl with stupid things to say and was pretty much hindering my chances. It was an awful night. Lots of drinks... this is the reason why i dont like night game, drinks F me up and kinda go from clever lines to dumb AFC. Also the loud music sucks, if you want to open it makes you lean into girls. also people dont react to touch. i touched a girl with the idea of having her stop and turn and she kept walking.

yes i suck at night game. But im not a master of the day game either.

In college im high value, most of the time the alpha male, i have HOT women with me pretty much all the time, if i like a girl i meet her, if i want her i can go all the way until the damn #close. I dont know where im messing it up, but im not number closing girls. to the point that im not even asking because i dont feel the timing is right. should i just flat out ask, i know a lot of people but i dont know them by their names, i guess i have to start getting names.

theres the HB10 ive been gaming, that girl has me by the balls. shes amazing, we always have a blast and its very fun to be with her. Im sure shes having a blast with me too but theres something, i believe she has someone but she has never talked about a BF so shes not trying to scare me away. she wants me there with her. last time i saw her at school we talked before class and after class we talked for as much as i wanted(it was like an hour more after we left class) it was a blast.

OHHH FUCK, ive just realized shes been hinting me about something...damn it, she has told me a couple times how shes always so hungry after class, how can i miss this? i guess i havent been listening to her very well.

i casually invited her to a trip i have. should i call her today to see if shes down? to her im this amazingly adventurous and outgoing guy(thats the image and attitude im building myself around). btw this trip its a hiking adventure.

about day game, ive met a couple girls ive really hit it off with. the problem is it has been at work. im scared of closing at work because if someone feels uncomfortable it could cost me my job. how can i email close in these situations? i did close one girl once by being cocky lol. but i havent progressed with her because shes a "good girl" i hate good girls LOL