Let me drop some wisdom!

But before I get to that I have made a discovery in the Game for my own personal agenda so what I am sharing with you is fairly new and untested but I am starting to realize these things naturally.

What I am saying all this time talking talking really gives you more....talking.

But when you start to see it in a new light.

The light of dawn.




But wait. Life is but one big blurb of variations of sounds.

Why let the fates be decided on the words of a mortal? SO then I decided as the heralded Star Prince to embark on a sound adventure. Listening absorbing. I failed on taking action so now it was that I was being too soft not listening to the sounds.

People were yelling at me to ride the wave. Time to ride. What I mean is now I am going to pursuing sounds. Sound adventures. I realized the greatest moments I had with women were when the vibrations were very strong. I realized this didn't come from words it came from situations.

Situations I found myself when things got weird or things got wild. It's time to be the wild free spirit. The challenges were issued and I missed my windows by a landslide. But then I found a miracle. Something awaiting my return. It was the sound of things happening without words. If I make this move if I make that one what will happen. It was the sound inside my head. The sound outside my body. It was my body. Everything was connected to it. This is why I was here and here the sounds began to gravitate towards me.

It was the sound of things coming to me and the Universe giving me things more readily because I have worked hard for them. So this year I will be pursuing the sound of challenges (I want to have your baby, make out with her, get her, etc) as people have been yelling at me lately when girls be hitting on me and I have been side stepping these challenges of sound since my heart was not in tune but the vibrations were so strong I felt something incredible could have happened had I seized the moment.

It was the sounds of girls calling me over and me ignoring them but no more I said. It was the sound of them checking me out with my eyes and not bringing it up but not no more. It is the sound I have pushed down for so long so time to listen to the sounds happening around me yes this gets me present and makes me feel more alive. My next trip out to the Bars I will be listening for these sounds and not be so forceful as in I need to create all this sound so much is happening in the lifestream I can just jump in like a smooth flow without having to try too extremely hard!!

When you emit a signal from within your soul sends a sound which amounts to words being spoken coming out hitting the vibrations of the female or target.

In other words this method is effective but what you are seeing is not what you want to see because chit chat results in more chit chat not necessarily grabbing for something in the dark.

But when you start to approach it from a sound aspect you make less words and more action then you will start to see the vibrations become stronger. Your body langauge of Kino and kino openers are some of the best ways to hook a set.

My last set was a body language opener. I was being waved over by a group of girls no time for openers so I just showed up and was hit on profusely while I just stood there and the vibrations of sound began but I saw things differently. I kissed her neck, grabbed her hand, checked out her great rack, then got the number on a 10. Never this easy! Body language is so vital!

Anyway some of my openers are on the fly but here is some examples.

The stars are aligned for us to meet because I saw you looking for a guy like me
(Moving set) Let me get a good look at you!
(Asian Chicks) Do you speak english
Want to dance
Do you have a wife (works great on 2 sets) hook line could be (well you can be mine)
Are you a Princess cuz you have stolen my heart
You might have what I am looking for
Are you looking for trouble (worked on a 10)
These are the openers floating around in my head I am going to use and spice up this year.

But more importantly than wordy openers I am starting to use my body as an opener or prop piece. I am seeing the vibrations of words as inevitable so to challenge myself I remember Creation was given by sound so therefore returning to the root causes can be powerful.

This is why I will be trying this year
Body Language Openers (No Words make girl open me/aka gauge interest right away)
Kino Openers
Challenge Openers (do you think you can get a guy like me or is this gonna be a long role play)

Why is sound so important? Well I have been yelled at to "Get it" when a hot girl opened me by bending over and me dry humping her in public and her friends yelling for me to get it boy then yelling blown out blown out and without almost any exchange of words then I realized it was not the right time for words it was time for action since the vibrations were so strong.

Then the sounds of girls hitting on me getting ignored for so long then I started to listen so these girls were waving at me to come over and saying things so I was listening to these sounds and heard "Holy Sh!t" this meant "You're Hot" I knew what it meant even without an explanation and without any introduction and me standing there that sound was so powerful that the vibration began to escalate very quickly but when the focus is more on words and less body lanaguage or sub-communication it is more logical and therefore less intimate.

What I mean is things escalate very quickly with less sound and more stronger vibrations. They were yelling at us to make out, make out and I was not listening to these sounds so I only got the cheek. Then she said she needed redeemption. So my choice is not so much the words I speak but now the sounds I make. I need to listen to these sounds they are getting very deep. A new level of game!!!

What is that sound? It is the sound of the new plateau or the new focus. No so much this fancy opener or that fancy opener but the sound of our chemistry, the sound of escalation, the sound of her hitting on me, the sound of responding appropriately. Sometimes only words will suffice but the strongest vibrations I realize are the sounds of dry humping, approval, eye gestures, her being giddy about the kino hand holding, so many overloading sounds why stick to words??? I will create a new sound. The sound of me getting it done. The sound of Pick Up. I will share more soon when I get back out there.

I realize it is all about sound since when I call them they are scared like what sound is this guy giving me. It was not as fun as in the Bar when everyone is having fun. So I realized my sounds were about to be created into something new. The sound of this is who I am and this is what I offer. Get it or get out.