I have a background in psychology. I have bounced, bar tended, played in a band live in bars, been part owner in nightclubs and in that time have seen all kinds of game employed. But it's rare that you ever see anyone who has a good end game when the targets bitchshield is in full effect.

However, I have developed a method that causes her to feel whatever you want, and to seek engaging you later, or if not, she will tell everyone and other women will end up engaging and asking you.

There are many ways you can spin this, I'm going to express one in the form of a story, something that actually happened so that you can get a good feel for what I am talking about.

While bouncing at a popular bar in Hollywood, I used to see the same hot girls night after night after night. Los Angelels attracts many women who have either been blessed by good genetics, or have paid a lot of money in order to look like they have. So a lot of hot women, ever present, constantly all the time.

There was this one particular chick that was def a 10, and not just in the physical looks department but in the group of girls she kept around her, the car she drove, the clothes she wore, all 10s. She was a def dime if she was 9 pennies.

As a bouncer, you have what I would call automatic game, so long as you don't open your mouth and fuck it up. But that's not the case with girls who show up at a club that obviously come from money. They automatically see you as a servant, beneath them, a necessary paid part of what goes on to keep her safe. But that's why this particular situation was so perfectly beautiful in it's deployment.

I almost always posted up at the front door and checked IDs. The right person at the door can mitigate many issues and problems as people are coming into the nightclub or bar, if they understand the social dynamics, psychology, blah blah etc of the people walking in and how they melt with the people already inside. By simply engaging people in a specific way you can create an atmosphere inside that will negate fights or complications.

I would see this girl, at 11 on the nose, every Friday and Saturday night without fail. She would play the "I don't see you game" every time, and huff and puff when I made her pull out her ID. See, I was not about to allow her to put herself in a position where she was empowered, but instead made her show me her ID each time to establish my authority over her.

I was bored one night, so I decided to engage her in conversation, to see if I could chink her armor. She would hang out, drink the same drinks, sit in the same chair, and burn every guy that attempted to engage her without fail. Never leaving with anyone, not ever.

So I made sure I made eye contact several times during the night. She would hold it, but not for the purpose of letting me know she was interested, more as if she were looking through me, as if I was not even there. So when I walked up to her, she was already prepared to shoot me down, and did so before I could even get a word out of my mouth.

I knew she would, I had seen her do this many times and had a game plan already. So I scolded her, told her she shouldn't be so quick to think that I was walking up to talk with her because I was interested in her. That in fact I had a totally different reason for wanting to talk with her. Then I turned around and walked off right away. When her curiosity built up to a specific point where she couldn't stand it anymore, she waived me over as if I had permission to approach her now and tell her what I wanted to say.

I ignored her. I kept ignoring her. I let her sit and stew, then when her curiosity built up to a point where she couldn't handle it anymore, she left her seat and started to walk over to me. So I put out my hand, palm towards her, signalling to stop, then pointed at her seat and raised my hand with my index finger pointing up signifying her to wait.

I bullshitted with a few other hot girls, knowing she was watching me, waiting for me to give her a signal to come talk to me. Making sure she saw pre-selection, that I was desirable by other women, etc. When I engaged what I thought to be enough women, and I thought enough time had passed, I then looked at her, pointed at her, and then waived her over with a big arm movement so that everyone would see. If she followed my direction, it meant I made a chink in her thought processes that caused her to believe she was better, as her trotting over to talk with me would almost be humiliating, certainly it would establish me as being more dominant in the exchange,.

So once she trotted over, and asked me "what" I told her she was going to have to treat me nice, and ask me in her most sweet, and nice good girl way for me to tell her anything. So she played the sarcastic, I am being sweet only because you are making me, type speech. I made her repeat it until I told her I was satisfied and it was good enough, this time.

Then I asked her if she knew what meditation was, and of course her answer was yes. And then I asked her if she had ever tried it, the answer was no. These do not matter because they are only questions to lead up to what I am about to do to her, mentally, next.

So I told her that I had been practicing meditation ever since I was a small child. That I had attained such a level that I could create my own reality, in my own mind. That I was so good at paying attention to even the smallest of details, that I was able to recreate the smells, the textures, even the small tiny imperfections in my meditation that most people miss, and in doing so truly creating such a real stage in my mind, that I was then able to remember and recall these meditative sessions as if they were real memories, while also retaining the ability to distinguish between real memories and ones I had created myself.

I went on to further explain that it takes a particularly strong minded person to be able to do this, and so effectively.

Then I asked her if she wanted to know the scene that I had created in my mind that involved her, and why I did so, and what it meant. Again, curiosity she could not help, and huiffed, then puffed, as if she could care less but then said yes.

So I told her that I have seen her every Friday and Saturday for so long, that I remembered not only the way she smells, but the way she walks, how she sits, every tiny little thing about her. I gave her those things I noticed, that she didn't even realize she did. I told her how I see her look at other people and write them off even before they talk with her, how I noticed she never leaves with anyone. And if you understand the game, you understand why I did this and I shouldn't have to mention why.

Then I went further, I told her that in my mind I imagined taking control, calling her over to me just like I did prior to us having this very conversation. That I was able to convince her to come back to my place. Then I told her that I knew she had fantasies, kinky things she wanted to experience sexually, but could not find a man whom she felt comfortable enough with, to let go and give herself to so fully, that she could experience all these kinky, wonderful and very submissive things she wanted to do with, but that in my meditation I imagined she did with me.

I told her that in my meditative state I made her do all those crazy dark kinky submissive, humiliating things she thought about, but has never told not even her closest of friends. We all know every person holds deep dark fantasies secret, and by expressing that I was the one who made her do these things I don't even have to mention what they might be, so I never ever get it wrong.

I told her that I was able to imagine things so clearly, and so intensely, so perfectly in fact that I wanted her to know that I didn't even need her in real life. That I could have her any way I wanted, in any way I imagined or she fantasized about, anytime I wanted. That all I had to do was to put myself in that deep meditative state, and that I could experience her these ways even when I took a 30 minute break, if that is what I really wanted. But that tonight, because she was such a bitch to me earlier, I was going to imagine making her do some of the most humiliating and degrading things I could think of, make her grovel and beg for me to fuck her, and then I was going to meditate and imagine not allowing her to touch me, but instead throwing her out of bed, walking her to the front door in nothing but a sheet wrapped around her body, throwing her out into the hallways and throwing her clothes, shoes, and purse after her and telling her to leave.

To say she looked shocked is an understatement. See, she would never put herself in a position like this, not ever. So she has never suffered the feeling of rejection in this way. But in me imparting this story, and explaining it in the way I did she was able to actually imagine and picture it in her mind. She couldn't help but think about actually living her fantasies, with me even though I never knew what those fantasies are because I told her in my mind, I did exactly that. I then rejected her in my story, which again she cannot help but think about because of the way I stated it, and I doubt seriously anyone has ever rejected her in her life. In the way that the brain creates memories, she did so. And because this story when expressed correctly, makes her feel the emotions I wanted her to feel, she then remembers those emotions in relation to me.

So in short, she had been used sexually in all these kinky ways, she remembers the feeling of being totally excited and happy about finally living her kinky fantasies, but then she is rejected after, and now must work at.....

Perhaps I will continue this at another time, and finish by expressing what actually happened after I told her these things. But for now, I think the wall of text expressed the technique properly enough that anyone with any game could employ it for good measure. It works, and does so without ever having to actually establish the history. But I would only employ this method in such cases where all else has failed, or it's painfully obvious that the target will not engage you, and yet you feel it worth your time to overcome her obstacles anyway. Sometimes just the fact it's an impossible challenge makes it worth your time.