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Thread: How to test for attraction besides IOI'S.

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    Question How to test for attraction besides IOI'S.

    I have heard somewhere that the best test for attraction is TO MAKE THE GIRL MOVE with me... Is it true.....I wann knmow. And besides, sometimes I meet girls who don't give ioi"s in this case how to test for attraction. Please help

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    Default Re: How to test for attraction besides IOI'S.

    You can use Kino tests and Compliance tests
    Mystery does the explaining for me:
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    Default Re: How to test for attraction besides IOI'S.

    Everyone gives IOIs, if they are honestly interested, but only if you have expressed yourself in such a way as to have value to them.

    Watch strippers, they value a man that has money in his hand, they will pay more attention to that man, until another comes along and puts more money on the table. The value is currency, and they express their ioi by paying those men with money more attention. They are of course rewarded as well. Strippers will also give exaggerated IOIs that are not real, because they have learned that by doing so they are rewarded with what they want. Some women will flirt, on purpose, to express exaggerated IOIs just like a Stripper. This is because she is following social cues, money, nice car, good tan, etc just like a stripper is. But you cannot take the IOIs a person is expressing on purpose, to heart. You have to train your mind to look for the IOIs that are organic, not practiced. And I would wager you are most versed in looking for those forced, faked, socially cued IOIs.

    The reason why we are looking for organic IOIs is because they are naturally there, and are very difficult to subvert. We can see this even in actors/actresses that have been specifically taught and trained how to project specific messages with body language, and not to express unwanted information. Still, they cannot help expressing true body language at times they were not supposed to.

    If a girl does not express organic, natural IOIs she could be a stripper or actress or someone who has studied how NOT to give off this type of body language. In any case, if she knows enough not to give off this information around you, it still means the same thing. She's NOT interested.

    But I have honestly never, ever, EVER met a woman that couldn't naturally express IOIs. It's far more likely, specially since you expressed this problem being with multiple people, that the problem does not exist with them, but instead with you. Even if that problem is that you have not qualified as a potentially viable mate for them. This is why it's so important to trigger genetic cues, rather than social cues.

    I would suggest studying body language, voice inflection, micro and eye expressions, how people walk, pose, to people watch, to see how their movements, eye contact, hair flipping, etc are actually messages being expressed without their knowledge. I literally, to this day, spend several hours a week, if not a lot more, reading people. I take every opportunity that presents itself to watch how people interact. I do so because this type of thing has fascinated me from a very young age so it's more natural for me to do so. My father could easily tell if someone was lying just by watching them, and I wanted to understand this talent as well. To be honest, it's not really a talent, it's just paying attention to information consciously that we usually filter. Our brain knows we are taking the information in subconsciously, so doesn't bother to interrogate the information consciously. You have to make yourself pay attention and then to understand the information.

    However, you don't have to read a book to become good at this. Reading about it or watching video's will help of course. It's sort of like watching a TV program in a language you do not know, eventually you will pick it up. Watching videos on the subject, reading books, etc can only help in this process. But all you really have to do is just watch people interacting with each other socially in some way.


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