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    Default The Master Key and the Ultimate HABIT

    Ask yourself: "How does the chief of a village act?"

    • He needs no one.
    • He lacks nothing.
    • His flaws are automatically forgiven and ignored.
    • He expects to get what he wants.
    • Shit tests are a joke.

    If you have nothing else, have a strong frame. Have the frame that every environment you enter is a village, and you are the chief. Your movements, your focus, and your speech will fall congruent with the exact behaviors women are attracted to.

    If you go into a situation, ANY situation, like the "chief of the village" and hold that frame, women will either submit to your will, or they will throw themselves at you in subtle ways for your attention, craving you the whole time. They are genetically programmed to submit to, and mate with, the chief without question.

    Frame control is the master key. It's not a "SKILL". It's actually a HABIT. Like all habits, it can eventually become automatic.

    It's what you have total control over, so totally control it. I promise you guys that every flaw you think you have, every bit of anxiety, every hangup, will disappear in the wake of a solid frame.

    Make your frame the foundation to your game, and watch your results change overnight.

    We've all been there: Feeling like a million bucks, and like everyone wants to be our friend. You were passively gaming the world around you.

    Try actively doing for it once.


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