Do This or Remain Mediocre with Women
Imagine for a momentthat you are new to learning success with women. Youíre so excited you consumeevery piece of knowledge you can on the subject. Then you rush to the nearestvenue to show off what you learned. You go out again and again. You make greatgains in your new skill set. You are absolutely elated at how far you have comein such a short time. You think to yourself I will have this mastered in 1-2years tops. Then it happens, you hit a point where you do not grow. Gamebecomes stale and you become comfortable with it. Your ego will tell you thatyou are already amazing with the opposite sex. Your friends will stay silentabout your stalled progress not wanting to hurt your feelings and you willnever get any better than the level you are at. For years you will be stuck herein what the community has dubbed intermediate purgatory; statistically speakingdoomed to either quit before your prime or be stuck there indefinitely.
This is one of thesaddest stories in the community. This is where most pick up artists end up. Youwill be too unless you take your learning both seriously and intelligently, orbe fated to be buried in the graveyard of others who also failed to figure thisout. I am going to show you my own game plan for taking the reins back so thatyou can: gain massive improvements in the art of seduction, cut down yourlearning curve, and reach an advanced level of game in a short period of time. Let me be your pickup personal trainer andshow you the ropes.
The Power of Note Taking
It is incredible how such mundane things as pen and paperhelped make massive breakthroughs in my game and the game of other elite pickupartists. This is a huge thing that anyone who is good does but never talksabout. Who wants to take notes? Nobody! What they want is the magic pill, somethingthey do not have to think twice about. News flashÖ critical thinking isintegral to reaching an advanced level in anything. No one bashes their headagainst the wall stubbornly and gets good. Buy yourself a notebook and prepareto get writing. This is one of the best ways to take from your personalexperience to develop your game quickly and properly.
I cannot help you outwith the hours of practice but I can help you out with the other equallyimportant part, intelligence. Have you ever seen a professional basketballplayer practice? I guarantee you they are not doing the same routine day in andday out. They are switching it up; focusing and re-focusing to gain the upperedge on their opponents. I want you to do the same. Hours of intelligent practice had to be put awayin order to succeed.
It sounds lame, but doing this will allow you to identifymistakes quickly, to understand what gets you in the zone, to help you to builda 3D model of game in your head, to construct good mindsets, to eliminate thebad ones, and to improve growth ten-fold. I mentioned two things to make thishappen. The first is to break down your days talking to women and the second isto use this data to put together a game plan for the following day. To do theutmost justice, I am going to go over each of these in turn.

The Break Down Notes
You use break downnotes to give you targets to focus on and to improve. The worst thing a novicecan do is to go through the motions doing the same thing day in and day outwithout identifying sticking points, thus ingraining bad habits making themharder to root up. Using notes can fix this and also help you:
1) Analyzeyour game and find out what you are doing right and wrong
2) Tounderstand game better
3) Toabsorb information as effectively as possible
Too many people game like zombies with no thought going intotheir madness. Use the break down notes to push through that fog that oftentimes plagues people in the world of seduction.
What Should This Look Like
These notes should be written downas soon as possible. Do not beat yourself up if you canít think of what to takenotes on right away. The sooner you put pen to paper the more vivid yourmemory will be. Think of the facial composite that police put together toidentify a perpetrator. The longer the victim takes to describe their attackerthe more distorted their memory will become. Also, write down the entireexperience of your time out gaming in chronological order and track how youfeel as you continue approaching. Through this process your emotions will slowlyget more positive and it should start getting easier and easier to approach.
It is important to write down every girl or group of girlsyou approached and even the ones you chose not to. If you stopped yourself fromapproaching identify why you didnít and as for the ones that you did try and breakdown the interaction as best as you can. While you are being critical ofyourself do not beat yourself up. This will just burn you up and will preventyou from progressing. Recognize it and then move on without dwelling on it fortoo long.
The Game Plan
What Should This Accomplish?
Your game plan is based off of your break down notes. Putsimply the break down notes are the aim and the game plan is the fire. The gameplan is not as immediate as the break down notes but is equally as important inregards to progress. Use this the next time you are out interacting with womento guide your progress. The goal is to identify a few key problems in your gameand work out a strategy to diminish or eliminate them.
What Should Your Game Plan LookLike?
For this you should have at least a few areas in your gameyou need to work on: mental thoughts that hinder you, things you are physicallydoing wrong, being timid, and/or an inability to push through your comfortzone. Write down a few you will work on the next day. Thereare two parts of your game these notes should befocused on. Both are incredibly integral and important to your game and theyare inner and outer game. Developing both is essential to a versatile style ofgame that will lead to long term success.
Inner Game
The focus here is on the game that is played in your headn your beliefs, on your confidence, and on stretching your comfort zone. Thissection will help you make a guide to chip away at these barriers and to freeyou from your mental prison.
Pushing youíre ComfortZone
In success with women expanding your comfort zone isessential. If you fail to work on this it will prevent you from reachingextreme levels of success. Let me give you some examples:
-I canít approach said girl forsuch and such reason
- I canít go in for a kiss
-I canít take her home
-I canít say something
-I canít do something
-I canít do anything in generalthat makes me nervous
For women to find youattractive you have to be fully comfortable and expressive in your environment.All the things I mentioned above are limitations and everyone feels them todifferent degrees. Write down one thing in your notes every day that makes youuncomfortable and work on it.
There are two kinds of thoughts in regardsto seduction. Ones that help you get laid and those that prevent it. Killingall self deprecating thoughts will promote confidence and positively assumptivethinking. As time goes on you can begin to steer towards more positive thoughtsby realizing you are having negative ones. Every day write down a Mindset youwant to focus on erasing and one you want to erect.
Thoughts You Want To Promote:
-Positive Mindsets
-Emotional Solidity
Thoughts You Want To Negate:
This part of inner game is the hardest to develop and taketime. Focusing on it and recognizing when you are thinking in a way confidentman do not can help massively.
Outer Game Concepts
Outer game concepts are what help you build a technical sideto your game. No matter how down you get or if you get rocked this will helpestablish a baseline game that you can play from.
Handicaps are an amazing tool to help you build a strongsolid outer game. As the name suggests these are games you play to Isolate weakparts of you game to make it difficult. The idea is to grow stronger fromhaving to fight an uphill battle. What does a basketball player do when hewants to work on his left hand? He restricts the use of his right hand to forcehimself to rely solely on his weak hand. How do you work out a particularly weakmuscle? You isolate it. It is the same with game. Impose handicaps on yourselfto work on different parts of your game. Here are some examples of handicaps:
-Stopping girls without allowingyourself to move from a spot to hone tonality
-Starting a conversation awkwardlyand trying to turn it around to learn to flip sets that are not in your favor
- Not being allowed to joke to stopthe bad habit of trying for rapport
Go to the opposite side of the spectrum if you are usingsomething in excess or something that is hindering you. If you find yourselfgetting stuck than limit your interactions to that part and move on. This kindof practice will force you to have a little creativity and use some criticalthinking skills. You are going to have to make short term sacrifices foroverall good game in the long term. Use this tool to reach high levels ofsuccess in this area of your life.
Use these criticalthinking tools to excel with women and push yourself beyond what you thoughtwas possible. Half the world wants to be good in this field of knowledge andyou want to use anything you can to gain an edge. Do not be left behind inintermediate purgatory. After every night you go out and practice, break downyour nights. Pull every ounce of wisdom you can from it. Then build yourself agame plan for the next day to target weaknesses, push your comfort zone, andpush yourself. With that being saidpeace out!