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    dark knight Guest

    Default fuck fuck fuck fuck!!! problems generating attraction

    so here's the story..

    my uni lectures are predominately women...

    my tuts are predominately women aswell....

    girls i'd like to date. hot hot hot hot.

    i have abundance right in front of me..the big big HUGE sticking point i have is how do i create attraction inside these girls and stimulate her emotions so she'll want to jump me and rip my clothes off and possibly a relationship?

    im really fucking frustrated hot burds everywhere...i know i can do it....i fuck it up every single time..i end up investing in them..i think, that because she's interacting with me she "likes me"

    every signle day, burd after burd passes me buy and i don't know what to do to create attraction

    can the forumers give me advice on how to create attraction inside a woman?

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    Default Re: fuck fuck fuck fuck!!! problems generating attraction

    first read CONQUER YOUR COLLEGE.

    then you are going to know everybody, good looking girls, ugly looking girls, fat girls, stick girls, guys, even gays. the more people you the more chance you get to open your circle and meet new people. Smile at he girls, wink, be the fun guy to have around. this is what ive been doing and im the alpha everywhere. Right now, girls WANT to meet me and not the other way around. Build a very HIGH value.

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    Thundercat Guest

    Default Re: fuck fuck fuck fuck!!! problems generating attraction

    Hey Dark Knight,

    First off, don't get ahead of yourself. Remember that creating attraction is a process! You don't just meet a girl then hop right into attraction. You might be getting ahead of yourself and become frustrated because of it.

    So you're in college, which is good because you can't help but meet women in college, as you pretty much point out in your post. But when you do meet them, it's important to do two things first and foremost:

    1. Create rapport
    2. Build comfort

    Once you do these two things, then you can start on the attraction/flirting phase of things. Now, sometimes you can do both of these quickly, sometimes they take time. But if you look at it as a process where you go from step one, step two, step three, etc., you'll take a lot of pressure off yourself to perform.

    Also remember that if you mess up, it's okay! You're going to have a lot of opportunity to practice. Just keep at it until you get good. It's just like anything else in life - the more you do it, the better you get at it. :-)


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