When you learn how to meet women, your life stops being lonely, boring and frustrating. You start going on dates that lead to sex, love and relationships. Without that in your life, you can feel like a failure as a man.

Here is a simplified list of what you need to learn about how to meet women in the modern world. You need to know how to:

1. Start conversations. One of my favorite conversation starters is to walk up to a woman in a busy social setting and say, "Hey, I thought I'd come over and say hi...my name's Dan - what's yours?" This always works and doesn't lead to rejection or a bad reaction like a tacky pick up line does.

2. Keep conversations going and keep them interesting. There are 100s of techniques for this. Check out Bill's blog (instant attraction post) for examples.

3. Instantly get women interested in you wherever you meet them. To do this, you need to learn how to attract women with your personality, by using humor and flirting and by showing confidence.

4. Find women who are compatible with you. Why do some guys find it easy to meet women and get a girlfriend? Usually, it's because they don't stick to only one or two ways to meet women.

5. Easily move from a conversation to a phone number in minutes. As long as you've sparked feelings of attraction inside the woman, she will be open to giving you her phone number. However, to ensure she doesn't reject your request - make sure you spend a couple of minutes building rapport and connecting with her.

6. Progress to kissing or sex on the same day or night that you meet the woman. There's no point learning how to meet women if you don't know how to move things to sex.