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Thread: If she thinks you were rude or insenstitive

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    Default If she thinks you were rude or insenstitive

    Met a girl at a dancing lesson (HB 8.5 maybe).
    Never seen her before, but she gave me clear stares and smiles even before I talked to her. Was surely into me !
    So when she came dance with me, I made her laugh and made the attraction stronger. Then on the second dance I casually asked her if she was Japanese (she is clearly Caucasian BUT she has a strange whacky sense of fashion, crazy colored hair and so on like many Japaneses girls do), and it was a cheeky comment. She was kinda shocked and laughed but at the same time seemed to take it too personally and not as a joke as I intended. She got cold after that not responding much.

    I asked her if she was thinking why I called her Japanese. I said cause "your hair color and your sense of fashion is like that, whacky just like the Japanese". She smiled but then I felt like the attraction was not so strong.

    She is thinking probably that I am a dickhead or I was rude to her when this was not the case at all.
    I am sure no guy has ever been straight forward to her like that.
    What do u guys think I should do next time I meet her ?
    I mean what to say to get back the attraction and escalate.

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    Default Re: If she thinks you were rude or insenstitive

    This is a tough situation because allot of women would have laughed at that comment. The problem is that SOME women would get upset. You have to understand that women are very self-conscious and can take things the wrong way. There's nothing you can do about it.

    Don't explain yourself EVER. If SHE brings it up you can clarify. It's not your fault she misinterpreted what you said. In the future, when you get so many clear ioi's, you don't need to be "cocky funny". Just enjoy her and go direct. You had the perfect opportunity to go direct with her when she was obviously interested.

    What you did (unintentionally) was made her feel unattractive with that comment. That's not very charming. You want her to feel attractive. It wasn't your fault, she just took your comment the wrong way (women jump to conclusions ALL the time). To prevent that in the future, go direct with women who give you allot of IOI's off the bat.

    Your best course of action when you see her is to act like nothing happened and be very friendly. Don't bring it up again and you'll probably be fine.

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