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    Question leaving the scene after the approach

    How would you recommend leaving the girl after the approach (what to say when leaving) and approximately how much time should the interaction take in order to build enough intrigue and attraction to get her number? also do you recommend direct or indirect approaches when you're new to all this? Because as we all know we bore women when we are typical guys who come up and ask how there doing, what they're doing here, how often they come here and etc. you get the point, how to be "mysterious" and separate your self from the other guys that usually approach girls asking all those unnecessary questions in-order to get her attention and build attraction? I'm not exactly looking for a typical pick-up line to go with and say to all the women, but rather what type of Mindset do you recommend on having when approaching indirectly/directly and building enough attraction to make yourself stuck in the girls head all day?

    hope someone will be able to answer me these questions

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    Default Re: leaving the scene after the approach

    The Mindset is confident, fun, and flirty ...... and you certainly limit your time because you are a busy guy and " you have some things you need to go and take care of"
    "The purpose of our lives is to be happy" - his Holiness the Dalai Llama of Tibet

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    Default Re: leaving the scene after the approach

    Honestly, I've had THE MOST success being FUN & FLIRTY!
    I approach the girl like I've known her for years & just come in with an upbeat vibe & magnetic energy.
    I razz & tease right from the start.

    Sure, some girls don't react the way I'm looking for.... but that means I just immediately eliminated the ones who would be a waste of time for me.

    I'm attracted to a certain type of woman... and I NEVER change my approach or style. It's always the same.

    So, the ones who actually get my humor & personality, I pick up on right away. And the ones who don't, are easily identified too... so I never spin my wheels for 20 min or more on a dead end approach.

    My style also works great with online game. (Yes I do that exactly like in-person game.)

    Getting phone numbers is too easy. A lot of times I never even ask... the girl just gives it to me. (And often within the first 15 minutes) It's all about creating an emotional reaction in them.... and the BEST one to create is the one that makes them have "FUN"!

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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