First post on here guys, so let me know if I'm in the wrong place, but I think I got it right.

Anyway, got an idea in my head and wondering if anyone had any experience doing the same and could give me some insight...any words of wisdom or experience will be appreciated as I'm pretty new to all this.

Here's the story...

I'm going to meet a girl I've met up with a good few times over the last year and a half for fun. We are meeting more regularly, and I would like to keep her interested as she does not live close at the minute whilst we are at University and I can sense a distance or something (not sure what) growing... but I know it's me, I feel like I'm putting in a bit too much effort, or chasing too much if that's better, I know I'm making mistakes by going to her too much on facebook, phone etc, and this is my way getting that out of my system.

I'm meeting her this weekend, and I'm thinking of getting some under the radar attraction built up with a friend of her's, no hidden agenda. I'll use cold reading etc to build this. Then, when I'm getting along with her mate (whichever one I work best with) well enough, when I'm on my own with the girl I'm intersted in I'll say that 'I get on well her friend and she talks to me alot which is cool, cus i was a bit nervous about meeting her friends'. This, I hope, will keep her interested and on her toes, chasing me, wanting me.

Am I being too sneaky and manipulative? (I sense a 'stop being such an AFC' response from that question lol)
Is this a lost cause, like will she just think it's nice that I get on with her friends well, or will she notice her friends attraction towards me and act the way I want her too?

I know I might just be thinking too much, but I'm new, I can't help it lol. I just need reassurance maybe... any words on this much appreciated guys