Recently I figured out how to get back with myself. I learned my old tricks into putting myself into an excellent mood, its all about Mindset and being positive. I was once told by a co worker who pretty much slept with all the hot servers and such that all he had to do was think himself getting girls. To keep repeating the phrase in your mind you are forced to believe it.
I can't believe after yesterday I had an Instant Date right after work, a girl I got into an argument with called me today and I got a number right after I f*ed up another soon to be hook up buddy. I got the number from POF. She's hot, all because changed my mindset. I kept repeating to myself what I knew I already had and I got it. I feel better because thats the way life is supposed to be for me. I kept putting myself in bad situations because of my thought process, how I thought about things. Now its everything will work out and I get girls, and for my dreams I conjure up the feelings of getting it done instead of neglecting it. Instead of pushing myself away from it I am pulling myself closer.
But in August I will be moving to the big NYC to continue my journey I need to bring my books. Ive been so behind and I know I should decrease the stuff Im bringing to New York even though I have a lot of books. But wish me luck staying on track and finally moving up in the world. Ill be going there to be a DJ and write fiction.