Sup peeps Gotcha again,

I have been using my own method for approaches because i make up a lot of excuses why i should not approach. That's why i created the time bomb method for myself i thought i should share it so it can help you to.

The "Time bomb Method" is a inner game/Mindset that can help you approach woman.

You think you have a time bomb implanted in your head that goes ticking every time your attracted to a girl/woman. I'v set my timer at 10 seconds because i like to think a bit in what way am going to approach in my natural way. (but for starters set the time for 3 using the mystery method) The only way to defuse the bomb and prevent me from exploding if i approach her. if i don't approach and talk to her than the bomb goes off in my head and i explode.

In this way you have made yourself 2 options, Approach and live or die because you did not approach her.

This method is based on 2 fears:

  1. The fear of death
  2. The fear of approaching

As the fear of death is in most cases stronger than the fear of approaching this should work.
I speak in most cases because it's not for everyone the same so this method doesn't work for everyone.

Let me know if it worked for you!
As always stay natural,