For centuries, every poet, artist or writer worth a damn sung songs or painted pictures or wrote poems about women.

Thousands of words were dedicated to the grace of a woman's elbow... Another million and a half describe the curves of her breasts. And there are even THOUSAND year old legends that try to explain exactly why women are the way they are, and how to understand what she's *really* thinking.

(Mostly written by men, especially lovers like Casanova, to teach their seduction skills to others. Men who are eager to learn, like you)

My favorite of these “dating legends” is an ancient Greek myth called “pandora's box.” If you've never heard this myth before, I'll show you the potent secrets it reveals about how to meet women... And if you've heard the legend, but never made the connection, I'll show you how this thousand year old myth is actually more powerful – and more useful – than any “dating advice” you can find on the internet, today.

You see, in the olden days, there was only man. And even in his darkest days, man was a happy, content creature because he was goal driven, he knew how to create with his hands and most importantly, he had nothing of value to lust over. To fight over.

So there was no war. There were no arguments. There was only peace.

Until one day Zeus – the king of all gods – Created a beautiful creature which he called “Woman”, because he sculpted her out of the beautiful parts of man. Her hair flashed in the sunlight, and her eyes could pierce your soul. Simply looking at her made butterflies flap in your stomach, and a powerful fire burned in your loins.

Zeus went to each God, and had them give her a gift, and a curse. One god gave her beauty, and vanity. Another gave her passion, and lust. And another God gave her both grace and a complete lack of control of her emotions. These Gods gave their gifts to this woman, named Pandora, and locked their curses inside a golden box, which she took with her to Earth.

But one tricky Goddess – some say Athena – gave her curse to Pandora, and locked her gift inside Pandora's Box. Athena's curse made Pandora curious, and made her crave to know what was locked inside of her box.

For hours on end, Pandora stared longingly at the box, until her curiosity got the best of her, and she tore open the lid. Instantly, horror after horror poured out from the box and infected the men of Earth. Vanity, lust, sloth, greed, anger and hatred poured into the souls of men before Pandora finally slammed the lid of her box shut, trapping one thing inside.

So how does this story relate to understanding women, and dating them? It's very simple: This legend was written because men have NEVER understood women. Ever since ancient times, there was something mysterious about the way a woman thinks... And even if she says one thing, she's secretly thinking another.

In fact, dating and meeting women is where this shines through the most! Because even though she says you're perfect... you're a nice guy... she likes you... She's much more likely to date a man who is the exact OPPOSITE of you! (Most of the time, worse)

That's why the legend of Pandora's Box can teach you so much about women: Because even though every negative emotion in the WORLD comes from not understanding a woman's mind... There's still one curse trapped inside Pandora's Box.

Do you know which curse was still locked inside? I'll tell you: Hope. You see, Athena gave Pandora hope, which is still locked inside Pandora's Box.

The Hope that one day that beautiful woman you have your sights on will discover you're the perfect man for her...

The Hope that you'll finally find 'the secret' about meeting women, and experience a super-human confidence from that day forward...

The Hope that – no matter your present dating experience or situation – one day, you'll have the ability to meet any woman you want, without fear or rejection...

And it's this Hope that drives you to search for answers to what she's thinking... And specific techniques to turn her thoughts about you – and about sex – into a reality. Which is why when I heard about a dating program called Pandora's Box and learned that it simply unlocks her mind, and explains her darkest secrets in crystal clear detail, I knew it was the perfect answer for me.

I picked it up, used it in my own life and I'll never look back. Is it right for you? Well, honestly, I don't know. But if you've ever wondered what she was thinking, or what she wanted to hear from you, then I highly recommend you at least read this:


Bill Preston