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    Default The Best Places To Meet Women

    My friend Joseph Mathews wrote this report:


    Where To Meet Women

    One of the big-big-BIG questions I always get from men is “Wow, your stuff is great, but where do I go to meet all these women?”

    There is no map you can buy that says “Go here to meet women!” But the reality of the situation is – you don’t NEED a map! Look around. Women are EVERYWHERE! You’d have to work hard NOT to find women to approach.

    That said, the location you find a woman will directly correlate to the type of women you find. For instance, if you’re looking for a wild party chick to have anonymous, mind- blowing sex with, chances are you won’t find her when you go to church. So keep this in mind when you go out to meet women.

    Now let’s go over the common places that you will meet women at.

    Shopping Places

    If there’s one thing women love to do, it’s SHOP. And if there’s one thing men hate to do, it’s SHOP. So when you go to places that women tend to go to buy stuff, there will be a great many women and a select few men.

    In other words, it’s happy hunting grounds!

    The obvious choices are large shopping areas, such as malls, or stores like Wallmart or target. Anywhere that clothes are sold, women will be there. If the place you live has a garment district, where many different stores sell various types of clothing, this is an EXCELLENT place to meet women. In Los Angeles, where I live, the garment district is on Melrose Ave, and you will never fail to find incredibly hot women walking around at all times of day as they go about shopping for the latest fashions.

    But clothing stores aren’t your only option. There are lots of other places, such as furniture and house supply stores. Ikea, the popular chain furniture store, is an amazing venue to meet gorgeous women at, as is a chain such as Bed Bath & Beyond, which sells various house supplies, such as bedding, cookware, etc.

    And of course, everyone’s old favorites, the grocery store and the book store. Most book stores nowadays have coffee shops in them, where many women like to site, usually by themselves, and read or study. Women also love to roam the isles, looking for something new to read. These places are great to meet women in.

    Grocery stores are a big untapped resource as well. Right after work usually lets out, around the 4-6 pm timeframe, is always a good time to go, because women will stop by
    to pick up some food before going home. Weekends are also good times to go, especially Sunday mornings.


    My all-time favorite place to meet women is at parties. Parties are good because there’s usually a good social-circle contact involved. After all, unless you crash a party, you’re going to know SOMEONE there, right? That gives you an “in” with pretty much anybody at the party.

    Let’s face the facts – most women meet their boyfriends through mutual friends.
    Friends invite you to parties. So when you’re at parties, the girls you meet will be friendly because you usually know the same people, and that breaks down a number of their protective shields right off the bat.

    Plus, when a woman is surrounded by familiar people, she’s more apt to cut loose and have a good time, which means she’s more open to meeting people. I always have a good time at parties because not only do I get to have a good time with my friends, but I get to meet all types of women who are looking to have fun!

    The best parties are the ones that occur on holidays. New Years parties are legendary for their sexual escapades. Halloween parties are also excellent, because that’s a night where people get to become different characters and that tends to make them lose their inhibitions (and if a woman’s dressing in a sexy Halloween costume, you know she’s looking to hook up!). If you want to get REALLY sneaky, throw your own Valentine’s Day Party (or Anti-Valentine’s Day Party) and invite all your friends and have them invite their friends. Invariably, women who are looking for romance around that type of year will show up.

    Drinking & Party Places

    Bars and Clubs are always a good stand-by option for places to meet women, but you’re going to have the hardest time getting girls in these two venues than you will in any other venue. There are a couple reasons for this.

    First, women usually go into bars and clubs with friends. Now, if you read my chapter on Group Theory closely, you shouldn’t have a problem with this. However, it does make things harder because girls will go out with boyfriends, husbands, current lovers, etc., or their girlfriends will be very protective of them and will block your efforts at every turn.

    Secondly, women’s defenses are usually up when they go to these places, because they’re usually meat markets. Women will get hit on hundreds of times a night in Bars and Clubs, which means you have to work to differentiate yourself from the common loser who talks to her.

    Finally, there is a LOT of competition in Bars and Clubs. This is because other men will go to them looking to pick up a girl for the night. If this doesn’t bother you, good, but it can make things more difficult.

    So if you’re up for a challenge, or just looking to get out and unwind, Bars and Clubs can be good, because it is possible to meet women there and take them home for a good time, or hook up with them down the road. Just note that a great deal of the women you meet in these places will be “Party Girls,” and they are the hardest ones to have a stable type of relationship with, so know that going in. They also tend to drink and smoke more than normal girls. However, they can also be a great deal of fun.

    If you’re into the Bar and Club scene, do your research to find out where the women go on what night. A particular place may be really good on Friday nights, but completely suck on Saturdays. Find out what bars and clubs are in your area, and either call them up, or go to them. Ask the bartender or manager what nights are good. They’ll usually tell you.

    Bars and Clubs with a “Ladies Night” are good bets, because women will flock there for cheap drinks. Some places have great Happy Hours, and you’ll find lots of women there after work or around dinner time. If a bar or a club has a special band or DJ playing one night, that will usually be a good night to go, because popular bands and DJs will usually not only attract good crowds, but will also have fans who follow them from venue to venue (in the case of loud bands, I like to spend my time on the patio or outside the club and talk to the women out there, because it’s impossible to meet women when a loud band is playing unless you’re apt to dance). Clubs with a dance floor and DJs are good bets too.


    Bet you never thought of this one, huh? Believe it or not, hotels are amazing places to meet women. Now, I’m not talking about your local “Motel Six,” I’m talking about the major hotels in your area. The kind that host events and cater to vacationers and the like. These places will usually have bars, restaurants, and poolside areas. Four and Five star hotels are the best for this.

    Usually, you’ll want to target the bar areas and the poolside areas (weather permitting). Many times, you’ll find women from out of town chilling out here, and maybe their lonely, or bored, or just looking for a good time. Sometimes they’ll be with co-workers, sometimes with friends or family, and sometimes they’ll even be by themselves. If you’re a native, and they’re in town for a while, you can even offer to show them around town (after all, you know all the best places to go, don’t you?).
    Sometimes you’ll even find locals who like to go to the hotels because it’s a more laid back atmosphere than your typical bar or club. Indeed, the atmosphere at these types of hotels is fantastic, and very conducive to meeting women.

    Learning Places

    Schools, colleges, universities and other educational establishments are GOLDMINES of women. This is largely because they are full of young, single women making their first foray attempts at mate selection.

    Community colleges are especially good, because for some reason the women at community colleges are just easier than women at expensive colleges. Hanging out on campus, in the library, student union, cafeteria, etc. can wield great results. If you’re young enough, you can pretend to be a student. If you’re older, you can say that you used to go to this school and you were just re-visiting the campus. Of course, you could also always sign up for classes (such as extension classes or evening classes) and meet women that way.

    Schools are great to go to during the daytime because that’s when the students are there. At night, it’s time to move to other venues, unless it’s a university that has events like concerts or theater going on.

    Places like this are particularly conducive to meeting women because the shared lifestyle and concerns of students and the informal atmosphere make it easy to initiate conversation with each other. You have a great deal in common simply by being students at the same school and don’t need to struggle to find topics of mutual interest to talk about.

    The Workplace

    We spend most of our lives at work, so to eliminate the workplace as a venue to meet women is irrational. But in this day and age, you have to be very careful about pursuing women at work due to legal concerns, such as sexual harassment.

    Not only that, but you must also consider the ramifications of starting an office romance that ends badly, and the working environment you’ll have to endure thereafter.

    I normally don’t recommend meeting women at work, but then again, why limit yourself?

    Just be smart about it. Try not to pursue women you are in a superior position to (as in, you’re her boss), and try to avoid women you work with directly on a day-to-day basis.

    At work, meeting women is usually best done in certain areas. The coffee machine or break room are always good places to meet women. Sometimes, the water cooler can be the best place to chat up the occasional girl. If your company has a cafeteria, that can be a great place to not only meet women, but have mini-“office lunch dates.”

    Invite that girl who works on a different floor to meet you for lunch.

    Occasionally, you can even get help with the “office match maker,” typically an older, married woman who wants to set up her friends in the office with nice men. If you befriend this lady (and even flirt with her a little), chances are good she’ll work to help you out by giving you valuable info about women you like.

    And no matter what job you work at, asking a woman who’s getting off of work around the same time if she wants to grab a drink or a bite to eat is always a good way of getting a mini-date with her. Also, throwing parties and inviting people you work with is an excellent way to shed the restrictions of the workplace and level the playing field.

    Participant Sports & Hobbies

    The best way to meet women is to appeal to a common interest. If you pursue things you are passionate about, chances are you will eventually meet women who enjoy the same thing.

    For instance, if you enjoy playing volleyball and you have an active beach nearby, go down and see if you can play a game. You’ll either play against some women on a team, pair up with women on a team, or attract some spectators while you’re playing. Not only will you be having fun, but you’ll be interacting with women who enjoy what you enjoy as well.

    Hobbies and clubs are excellent ways to meet women. If you’re an avid comic book collector, go to a convention. Chances are you’ll see women there who are into comic books as well. Every major hobby has some type of major event where people gather to share their passion.

    Go on the internet and check out local clubs in your area to become a part of. If you really like birdwatching, find a local birdwatching club and sign up. You may meet some great women there.

    Gyms are also very good places to meet women, especially ones that offer different classes, such as aerobics or yoga. Sign up for a class and get to know some of the women in them.

    Spectator Events

    Any major events, such as Sporting events or Concert and Theater events, can be a great place to meet women. While the event is going on, it may not be very convenient to meet them, because everyone’s attention will be on the major action of the event. But whenever you’re standing in line, or during a break, or whenever there’s a lull in the action, that’s a good time to meet someone new.

    You also know that you have a common thing to start talking to the girl about. For instance, if you’re at a Baseball game, you can ask what team she’s rooting for, and go from there.

    Whenever these special events let out, that’s a great time to meet people, because a lot of women will be riding the high of the event and looking for something to do. At the very least, bars and restaurants in the surrounding area will be packed and ripe for the picking.

    Oddly enough, events like horse racing are great places to meet women. In a horse race, all the action takes place in just a few minutes, with half-hour intervals between races where you’re free to meet all sorts of people and have friendly interactions with strangers. The same is true of events like NASCAR as well.

    The Internet

    In today’s modern age, where everyone is connected by computers, the Internet has sprung up as a major venue to meet women. Everywhere you look, a new dating website has sprung up promising you love and romance.

    I have had some good success with the internet, so you shouldn’t be afraid to try it out. There is no real stigma attached to it like there used to be. A lot of young, cool people use the internet to meet others.

    The obvious internet choice is dating websites, where you put up a profile and email other people who have profiles up. As these sites have gotten more popular, you can find niche sites that cater to certain audiences. For instance, now you can find people based on their political affiliation. Seriously, there are dating websites dedicated specifically to you meeting another liberal or conservative.

    If you’re into alternative stuff, like bondage, S&M, or other fetish stuff, there are dating sites that are for people like that too. Believe it or not, there are even dating sites for “chubby chasers,” or men who are into large women, that have become quite popular on the internet.

    But outside the dating websites, there are other options available too. Chat rooms can be great places to meet women, but you have to be diligent about making sure 1.) the woman is really a woman (there are actually men who like to pretend to be women online. Creepy), and 2.) they are attractive and worth your time. The best way to make sure of this is to have a webcam on your computer and only interact with others who have webcams. Of course, this limits your choices because most people don’t have webcams. At the very least, always ask for a picture.

    Better than chat rooms are message boards. Find a topic you’re interested in, start posting on a message board, and see if there are any women on there who seem interesting. Then, email them privately.

    Blogging (ie: updating a personal web log, or online diary) is also becoming a great way to meet women as well. Community blog sites, such as Friendster and MySpace have an incredible amount of beautiful women on there because the sites are free, and they allow you to show off pictures and meet new people easily.

    Having your own blog about particular subjects is good too, because it can attract others of similar interests. Lots of women on the internet have started steamy sex blogs, where they write anonymously about their various sexual experiences and thoughts about love and romance, and they actively read other’s writings about the same subject. Joining blog services such as Typepad that has its own webrings can be a good way to meet women, as well as free blogging services such as Blogger. You can also refer new people you meet to your blog as well.

    How To Meet Women

    Now that you know the “where” of meeting women, it’s time you focused on the “how.” Let’s face it, meeting women CAN be a difficult thing to do if you’re inexperienced at it. The prospect of possibly getting rejected by a beautiful woman can be enough to make a man freeze in his tracks!

    The fact is: Meeting The Right Kind Of Woman Is Hard!

    Whether you feel you’re too old and younger women won’t be attracted to you, or you feel you’re too fat or ugly so you can’t possibly get a girl, or maybe you’re just a regular guy who just doesn’t know how to improve with women – it can all be quite daunting.

    But it doesn’t have to be.

    A few years ago, I was totally HOPELESS with women. When I saw a beautiful woman I wanted to meet, I would be paralyzed by fear! My mind would go blank, I’d get that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, and before I knew it, the opportunity to meet her was gone!

    When you’re sitting at home, alone at night, it can be easy to beat yourself up for not taking that opportunity. Maybe you call yourself “stupid,” or a “loser.” Maybe you even think to yourself that you’re destined to die alone.

    Well, I want to tell you to STOP that way of thinking right now! Because its not true.
    Meeting and attracting women is a SKILL. It’s one you can learn. The guys out there who ARE good with women didn’t come by it naturally – it’s something they were taught, be it by their parents or friends, when they were growing up, they LEARNED how to attract women.

    The next time you go out, I want you to look around at all the couples you see. Look at the type of guys the women are out with. You’ll see hot women out with guys who look like total losers! Count the number of times you see an attractive woman with a man who’s short, or bald, or fat, or old, or ugly – whatever. You’ll be surprised to see that there are a good number of them out there!

    So when you see this, you now have PROOF that you don’t have to look like Brad Pitt to
    get a hot woman.

    Most of the time, women aren’t even LOOKING for young, hot guys. They’re looking for guys who make them FEEL GOOD. They want a man they can feel safe with, who can provide for them, make them feel pretty or special – whatever.

    Remember this key difference between men and women: Men are logical, Women are emotional.

    Men make decisions based on what they think. Women make decisions based on how they feel.

    This distinction is KEY.

    Why, you may ask? Here’s why:

    It doesn’t matter what you look like or how much money you make, ANY man can trigger a woman’s emotions if they know how to do it!

    And the first, most important key step in that process is to meet the type of woman YOU want and YOU’LL be happy with.

    Deep inside my book, "The Art Of Approaching," I go into great detail about what it takes to empower yourself as a man and develop the ease and confidence it takes to approach women without fear of rejection OR failure.

    Here’s some of what you will learn:

    * The Secret To Sexual Body Language So You Can Read A Woman Like A Book And Know Exactly When To Make Your Move.
    • How To Create Unstoppable Confidence To Get Any Woman You Want Without Fear Of Rejection Or Failure.
    • Proven Methods And Pick-Up Lines To Help You Meet Any Woman You Desire, Regardless Of Where You Are Or Who She's With!
    • The Best Places To Meet Women So You Won't Have To Waste Your Precious Time Looking For That Special Girl.
    • How To Find Out If A Woman Likes You So You Can Take Out All The Guess Work From The Dating Game!
    • How To Effectively Flirt With A Woman And Quickly Get Her Attracted To You.
    • How To Captivate A Woman's Imagination So You Become The Man Of Her Dreams, And Not Even A Current BOYFRIEND Will Keep Her From Falling For You.
    • The Secrets To Being Popular With Women So You Will Constantly Have Women Approaching YOU!
    • And Much, Much More...

    You will not find a more comprehensive starter guide on the internet, I guarantee it. Other authors have some great stuff on dating and seducing women, but it’s very rare you’ll find one who addresses ALL the issues men have to deal with BEFORE they’re able to successfully date and seduce a woman.

    If you’ve ever been scared or nervous around a woman, or been lead on and jerked around by a girl you really liked, or finally found the perfect woman for you but didn’t know how to get her, then you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

    Let me tell you, if you do not know:

    * How to read a woman’s signs
    * How to be confident and easy going
    * How to eliminate fear of rejection or failure
    * How to initially meet a woman
    * How to start and hold a conversation
    * How to let a woman know you like her without scaring her off
    * How to engage a woman properly

    You will have very little success in your love life. You will mill around and struggle with women, and if you DO have success, it may not be with a woman you actually want to be with.

    In my book, I teach you how to do ALL these things. I go through, step-by-little-baby- step on what you need to do to enjoy amazing success with the women you want. And it works, because I’ve spent a lot of time doing all of this MYSELF. And if it works for me, I know it will work for you.

    But if you DON’T learn these special skills, you will continue to have the same results you’ve always had, and your worst fears may become a self-fulfilling prophesy if you’re not careful!

    The time to take action is right this second! Not tomorrow, not a few hours from now, but right now. If you’re not willing to take that first step to improve your life, then you will continue to languish in unhappiness.

    Be sure to read this post on how to open a girl on the street:

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    braddeltone Guest

    Default Re: The Best Places To Meet Women

    this is an awesome list Bill thanks.

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    princeharry13 Guest

    Default Re: The Best Places To Meet Women

    There are many places meet to women.
    1)) Bus stop
    2)) Shopping mall
    3)) Collages
    4)) Internet
    5)) Grocery store

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    J-Rex Guest

    Default Re: The Best Places To Meet Women

    Gay bars are great, as long they're not like motorcycle, leather, bear bars. This only works if you have a gay friend to go with, because otherwise it's hard explaining why you're there. But there are a lot of single, straight women who go. I've had amazing success, especially while engaging their gay male friends. You have to be able to spot the trannies and lesbians, but there's virtually no competition. And you show them how open minded you are just by being there.

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    Spartan301 Guest

    Default Re: The Best Places To Meet Women

    One overlooked place to meet women is within your own enviroment.

    Many times guys are told to 'go here and there' to meet women, but when they get there, they feel like a fish out of water. If they feel that way, they certainly convey that to women through their tone of voice and body language. Women can just read if something is 'off'.

    On the other hand, if a guy is in a place where he's the expert, and he's the dominant male, then that just makes things a lot easier when it comes to approaches and conversations.

    As an experiment, I one time wrote down 5 of my passions. They weren't in any order, or one was better than the other. This was just a brainstorm:

    -Martial Arts
    -Learning to Dance
    -Working out

    I took each one and made up a place I could go to fulfill these passions

    -Martial Arts seminar
    -Dance class or club
    -Metallica Concert
    -Development Seminar

    Finally, I asked myself, "do women go to these places?"

    - Yes...they want to learn how to defend themselves
    - Yes...they want to learn how to dance
    - Yes....well, dur
    - Yes.... there is, and always will be rock star chicks
    - Yes... at least ambitious women will be there.

    Feel free to try this out for yourself, and let me know how it goes.

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    Default Re: The Best Places To Meet Women

    Hey guys!

    Shiney here from Amsterdam; first timer, first poster

    These are the spots I found great to game:
    -Gay Bars
    -Exposition afterparties
    -Gift shops

    My two cents

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