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    Default BEASTMODE, PLOWING, AND SARGING. It's Summer time go on an Adventure!

    This is about my theories and philosophies on BEASTMODE, PLOWING, AND SARGING. However first Let me give a super quick status report on my rotation.

    1. HB9 Hairstylist-She called me after 8 months, we finally started texting and she initiated me today. Starting to understand it now. Meaning sh!t is going down hard and getting pretty heavy.

    2. HB6 Work Wife- Have to be nice to her cuz her mom is THE BOSS lady. She is utterly utterly obsessed with me. The tattoos I got SOLELY for women can be a blessing AND a curse. As in YOU NEVER TALKED TO THIS CHICK and then one day BOOM

    Your Instagram blows up,
    then your Facebook,
    then your phone on texting,
    then your Snapchat,
    then your email,

    YEAH about that! She is obsessed! We never been on a date and she is a creeper and being nice to keep my job! But she is snapchatting me everyday and tickling me in the break room, just like WTF every day I am not TRYING she is just head over heels. Praying she will quit!

    Side Note-I don't hit on anything but HB8+ so this was not my doing whatsoever and my life sucks.

    3. Ex-GF is still obsessed. Dropped the new BF and gives me validation anytime I want. We are probably hanging out this Summer.

    4. HB9 Store Clerk- Just met her. Had a good entry point set and planning on having her added to my rotation

    5. HB10 Soul Mate/Dream Girl Mansion Chick- Yes that ole chica from the oceans of disaster was revived. I first met her on POF and got blocked for joking around. Then I got blocked on FB with no response. Then I got blocked on IG after getting really far validation wise on Valentine's Day. Now got her on Snapchat my last resort and the truth comes out. She is talking to me now. REALLY TALKING. What is she saying? The hottest of the hot? 5,000 followers?

    She thinks I am adorable. She thinks I am Mr. Wonderful. Hahaha imagine that. She tooks screenshots of me calling her a Sun Princess and telling her I was madly in love with her (my no rule HB10 strategy as not REALLY in love). Yeah still rotating her. She checked my Snapchat feed today which is kinda odd so maybe she's creeping now?

    6. Skittles HB10 Alley Cat- Met her at the Bar for about 5 minutes and been a roller coaster ever since. AGAIN 8 MONTHS to get the Hairstylist to come around so if they are talking there is hope. Anyways 2 months later and she is acting very flirty.

    First she says "Not dating" on the phone and then hangs up
    then she says "At work" on the phone and hangs up
    then she says "Running" on the phone then hangs up though I think this was proverbial.

    Anyway she has never answered a text albeit but once to try and dismiss me when I mentioned the Batman underwear thing and she was rage quitting so after her rage quitting she is back to playing cat and mouse. Really really think she is only booty call worthy now. Funny cuz I let her fly for 1 month of NC and when I called her she knew exactly who I was as in no block and answered the phone I found this exceptionally hard to fathom since I went pretty AFC on her.


    In spite of my massive rotation I am going back out into the training grounds of PUA-dom.


    But first let's take a look at last year.

    6 dates, 2 GF's and AT most a 3 girl rotation as just barely learning to juggle and feeling deeply obligated to only focus on 1 chick to be a good guy but sadly=ONEITIS. So now this has NEVER happened.

    6 Girl rotation.

    But that's not all I am 100% for closing HB10's this year (5 for 5) and they all approached/hit on me first. But that was pre-Summer. Now in Summer I WILL be doing the choosing. Whether 8 or 9 or 10 doesn't matter as much my challenge is simply Sarge, Plow, and Beastmode.

    First I never done this. Entered Summer which so much dang validation!

    I used to date. Key word used to.

    Now I make chicks date me. That's right I don't have time for dating 6 chicks! Unless they are HB10 but they are usually the biggest players and the hardest to get out on dates as those 5 for 5 all blew me out sometime later. Now with that said I am still going out Sarging this weekend and more importantly this Summer with my PUA freedom!

    How is this possible? Because I could become srs with any of these 6 chicks but I am purposely not getting srs to keep them on airs until I do need them. As in FALL. I go relationship crazed come Fall. Which means I will make or break my rotation then start it over again in Spring likely.


    Simply put approaching large amounts of quality women in short amounts of time. Yet to sarge this year due to low target ratio or just being stiffled by being hit on all the time. Now it's Summer though I am going to completely stop being passive.

    Sarge? Night game we all now I can burn through 10 Sets a night and I will surely put up those numbers this Summer but also the Daygame! This weekend I am doing a special Daygame and Nightgame mix into one day!

    So yeah! Getting wasted in the Day then heading into the City at Night!

    How many can I Sarge in the Daytime? It's more about quality to me now than quantity. I would rather go farther with one hottie than short distances with a ton of hotties so I try to invest more time and get more investment in return. You are about to see me go nut up on Sarging this year. Can't wait!

    PLOWING- Get rejected and get up again, get blown out, get up again. Get turned down and get up again. Get blasted and get up. Get flamed and get up. Get trolled and get up and get strong.

    Plowing is very easily the harder aspect since we want people to like us and being rejected is altogether hard. So what is plowing? Pushing harder in the Sets like I said earlier for the Pull or for the Dance, or for the private convo in the corner whatever you can do to build comfort as in Isolate or Bounce. Plowing is all about pushing the envelope! I have neglected this part of my Game to a very very srs degree I go and Sarge good and give up shortly thereafter not due to rejection sometimes but just boredom.

    So I will be focusing more on Plowing to get the lay, get the make out, bounce, pivot, etc.
    Whereas Sarging laregly focuses on Sarge one after another bang, bang, bang without hesitation plowing focuses more on the actual interaction and making it or breaking it. Important!

    BEASTMODE- There is a hugely popular saying in the Gym nowadays and among Gym crowds. It's called BEASTMODE but the term was coined by RSD.

    I don't know quite what it means but I know it is more applicable to me in the PUA Realm as that is where I got it's origination.

    As I study BEASTMODE more I will understand it more but I think BEASTMODE is largely dependant on success hence the allusive conclusion.

    What I foresee it as is having a rotation and pivoting chicks to events I am already attending to get at more chicks at the event and being able to carefully calculate steps forward and administer precise planning to bring forth huge amounts of Value as in putting out value, value, value in the Clan.

    Let me give you an example of how I foresee BEASTMODE playing out.

    I invited my EX-GF, the Hairstylist, the Clothing Clerk to the same event this weekend. 3 chicks seemingly a bad bad idea but I was just acting on impulse to pre-plan the flakes and would deal with the Jealousy Plotlines post-haste.

    However this did not scare even if multiple women showed up because I felt this would add value not detract value. Hot women seeing you with other hot women is huge dhv when you are not a srs BF type of guy.

    So anyway my EX is going to a festival so she will be gone but if the Hairstylist and Clothing Stylist both show up my plan is to introduce them to each other and hang out with both of them. And then not only that but Sarge on the sidelines when I get there. The only thing I don't see going down is approaching when I am with my pivots/new targets. Not sure if there would be a need but we will see once I start my first lap on the Starry Summer Guantlet this weekend.

    I already got the day off. Not skipping out this time.
    Wingman brought me down last time that is why I invited chicks instead this time.

    Calm before the storm. Now that you have the theory it's time to practice the flow. You see thoughts and decisions now next you will see action, results and I promise you for the 3rd strait year I will have a GF by Summer's End!
    When you let go of your feelings you can really then embrace your surroundings
    Love is a game that's why I don't worry about it anymore. When you let go of your feelings you find your meaning.

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    Default Re: BEASTMODE, PLOWING, AND SARGING. It's Summer time go on an Adventure!

    Your Threads Are Comin Strong Brah.. Cant wait to read more

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