So since it's a Tuesday night my friend I was out with decides to bail. I continue the night on my own. I walk into a bar fairly close to my house, it's pretty much dead of course. I grab a drink an open a chick sitting at the bar just to get the energy flowing, she was only a high HB5 at best, I didn't use a single routine just let the convo flow natural. Come to find she's a bartender there, I think I could definitely use this to my advantage in the future, a couple free drinks if nothing else, so I decide to bring her to my side. As we are talking something slams into the back of my stool! I turn around an see two chicks one is a dykeish looking hipster, the girl who hits my chair with hers is a HB7, I immediately yell "Damn! Are you really trying that hard to get my attention!!". Everyone laughs and with a smile she shouts "sorry!". I say "I'll forgive you this time" with a smile. Then bring them into the conversation I was having with the bartender HB5 to merge the groups. Soon after me doing this though the dykeish chick becomes somewhat uneasy as her friend HB7 is paying attention more to me now. They were either on a first/second date or just friends I could tell just by there body language it was nothing serious, but the dykeish one was for sure into her. I let the convo die turn back to the HB5 wrap that convo up walk her out as she's about to walk home, she gives me "The Eyes" I most definitely could have pulled an closed but I decline her eye request with a "it was nice talking to you" an a hug good bye she squeezes the life out of me an starts her walk, Im confident about getting some free drinks, who knows maybe I'll have goggles on one night an walk her home.

Anyways, I start to head back inside to reopen the HB 7 set. I have little familiarity with gaming lesbian or bisexual women, so I was going to use it for experience if nothing else. As I'm walking in a 3 set two girls one guy walks out the door, one is another HB7 this one with curves for days! I was kinda sure I knew the less attractive chick from somewhere, rather than think about it I
make eye contact with her an say "Hey! How have you been" she says half smiling "I've been good" in a awkward confused way an they all three walk by to find seats. I think nothing of it, I know I can probably reopen before I leave an go for a curvy chick Number Close. I get back inside an my practice lesbians are gone lol oh well...I get another drink chat with the bartender who was a chill dude fora few then go to find Curvy chick. I'm sure you've noticed, but up to this point I have still not used any routines. In any PU you should only use as much material as necessary to escalate and move things forward, I haven't needed so far so it stays in the pocket. Simply having good high energy an positive vibe is all I've needed, the conversations always flow fine an feel more organic in my opinion. With that being said this is how that 3 set went, I did used a couple favorite tried an true routines to get locked in.

I walk out see them at a table an start to approach, as I'm walking I realize I actually have NO CLUE who that chick is(haha) I said hi to earlier..fuck it. I walk up an stand next to the table all smiles trying to make her acknowledge me, she resists at firs an continues talking. I wait for about 5 seconds an loudly say "How long are you going to make me stand here awkwardly!" Everyone looks at me, she's looks confused again obviously trying to remember where she might kno me from. I repeat my phrase from earlier in a tone of familiarity "How have you been?!" I then even gave her a hug and I'm in Haha! They except my presence and the fact they don't kno where from or how they know me. I now decide to run a couple routines I run spells, take my targets seat, the guy who is the BF of my targets friend try's a few weak attempts at amoging me I blow him out like a candle, then I do best friends test, even after I asked them how they all knew each other it still never came up how I new the chick I originally used to opened the group, after that I put the script away.....There isn't a really good ending to this, I didn't pull or close. During the conversation my target said something that was completely dumb an close minded, I decided to bring her down a notch, I knew I blew myself out but arrogance is a pet peeve of mine, I didn't care fuck that shit. She of course gets up set, the funny thing is her friends(or I guess my friends lol) had my back an kinda gang up on her about it haha!...In the end I got in good with a local bartender close to home, found I might be interested in focusing on lesbian/bisexual game, an found a new opener by mistake that I plan on playing with. The real reason I posted this is because I think it's a good example of how much it really doesn't matter what you say, but how you say it, and how you make the people feel about the interaction. "If you believe, they will believe it!