There's a girl I've been seeing and everything went well, but now my mind is bent.

The girl recently got out of a harsh relationship three months ago and seems to be bothered by it, to be honest I don't think she's over it.

The nature of the relationship was brutal, and she's being very cautious here.

She told me she's not yet ready for a relationship. Now I have had a few people say that and still was able to get with them, or have a relationship with them.

After she said that however her body language and actions still indicated that she was into me. After she said that she hugged me multiple times and hung around me learning about me and telling me about her.

However, my mind is thrashed looking for the next move.

She is the type to want to know you inside out and to make sure you like her not just for the sex. She is into spiritual things like fortune telling, and physical things like walking. She is sentimental.