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    Default Which kind of approach works best

    I've started to go out with the intention to sarge. I'm not peacocking, just decided to go out in general. day game mostly at local parks around me. Obviously I've noticed that therr are women around me, they notice me too more or less. The vibe I get is that they sense I'm looking to talk. But I'm looking for openings as openers. If that makes sense. Probably I shouldn't look for signals off the bat I should just approach but I'm not quite up to that yet it seems. Naturally I tend to want to hang back, put a vibe out and wait for an indicator from females around me. But I'm pretty new at cold approach rules so it's hard to read body language so far. For instance I've seen girls in groups of three that look happy and approachable but I'm so new I feel way out of water with that. There's girls walking around that I can tell are looking to talk with a guy but don't seem to be indicating they want to talk to me. What can I do to break the ice? Is there anything I shoukd be doing differently or looking for specifically? Obviously just approaching woukd be good but are there any tips to get my feet wet?

    Note: I'm used to online and text game which is what I've been doing for the last seven years or so and I've had success with that but not the kind of success I want. I feel like in person opening game will get me more quality women.
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