I know a girl who is social, good looking and has many male friends.

I bought drink (in campus, not nightgame! ). "target" accidentally spilled it on the floor.

I was calmly said: "Oopsy!"
She said: "Im so sorry! I can buy new drink for you!"
I said: "No you don't have to. That's OK. Just don't spill next time." Then I smiled.

She said: "I can really get ya a new drink. It's so rude if stranger comes to spill drink... *drama* *blalabla* *ass kissing*"

I was calming her: "No.. You don't have to, seriously." During that we had long and deep eyecontact.

Situation was no big deal for me. I stayed cool, didn't let her manipulate me with her ass kissing. I think that I made attraction.

On another day when she saw me with drink she said: "Im gonna spill that too."

Couple of days more and she said about my folder: "Thats cool." I replied: "It' from 70's-80's." She said: "Hehe. It's antique." (ioi?)

After those things I saw her in the club with his friend. Im not sure is he her bf, I think he's a bit "wussy".

We had chat, I demonstrated higher value, asked my age. I let her guess it. When I teased her, she hit me and laughed. She also tested me with sex subject. She was really close to me and looked in to my eyes asked tricky question about her age. I survived all the tests! :S

And end of the conversation she said: "We've gotta better go before I say something stupid." Is it IoI? Does that mean that I got higher value than she has and she don't want to fuck things up?

After that I saw target and her friend on the cloakroom. She waved her hand front of me that I would see her. (IoI?) I waved my hand front of her too and said: "Hello!" (because she is in my reality). We had some chat and then the night was over.

So what you think is here enough IoI:s to do something? Or is here any superior IoI:s to make any judgements? I've played hard all the time. How do I know is her friend her bf?

Can you tell useful tips and analyze the situation?