Hi folks,

Wanted your opinion/suggestions on how I could have done better or how I could have done it differently to close:

Context: went to a night club around 11pm with 3 friends (a guy and his gf, and another buddy of mine); very loud music; everyone having a good time dancing to trance music; packed environment

targets: saw two Hot Babe asians 8 (HB8W - white dress; HB8B - black dress) in the club together and they didn't seem to come with a group or anyone, just together;

Approach: HB8W was alone, so I approached and asked her to take a pic of my friends and me using my phone; she gave me contact and touched my arm 2 or 3 times after she took the pictures and handed me back my phone and she laughed and smiled, so that seemed to be a positive signal; she left and i went to the bar to get a drink

I later found HB8W and HB8B on the dance floor dancing; then they were laughing about something and I though that was a signal for me to come in; I approached HB8W:
Me to HB8W: what's so funny and why are you both laughing?
HB8W laughs and replies: oh we were joking with eachother;
Me to HB8B: Japanese or Korean? (this was a dumb question but at the moment I blanked out and couldn't think of anything)
HB8B: Korean (with a smile);

*from this point forward, every time these two girls said something to me or I said something to them, we went up to eachother's faces and spoke in eachother's ears cuz the music was so loud, basically our faces touched all the time; I also put my hands on their hips, I didn't do this consciously, I only realized I did it unconsciously after a few times and then I figured it would ruin the chemistry if I no longer held them close so I just kept holding them very close while chatting*

Me to HB8W: how do you know HB8B?
HB8W: we're sisters (with a smile);
Me to HB8W: oh wow I couldn't tell! What's her name?
HB8W: Erica
Me to HB8B: Hey Erica, what brings you two to this club? What are you two up to?
HB8B: I just finished my masters, currently looking for work and decided to have some fun tonight (laughs)
Me: Awesome awesome. What did you study?
HB8B: Immunology
Me to HB8W: and what did you study?
HB8W: physiology

*from this point onwards, I had a feeling I was gonna lose them, because I coudlnt' think of anything interesting to say, and we were just chatting in a congenial manner, not escalating at all*

HB8B: so where do you work, what did you study? blah blah blah
Me: blah blah blah

*this goes on for another 5 minutes or so*

HB8W: my sister and I have to use the washroom

*from this point they ejected themselves and I didn't chat/see them again*

So anyway, I know part of the reason why I coudlnt' close is because I couldn't think of anything better or more interesting to say other than the usual boring bullsh*t. But it sucks because it started off on a good positive vibe, there was a lot of Kino from the beginning, but maybe rushed on my part because I unconsciously touched them very fast early on in our interaction but I could not find a way to verbally and physically escalate from there.

Any suggestions on what I could have done differently or better? They were definitely classy ladies, dressed very elegantly in tight but classy dresses, and they acted classy too.