hey guys im crunchyman and i want to become a PUA.

Lets make this shit short bitches ! I wanna get my dick wet, DUH !
This is my first year of uni, i am quite young which is why i want to take advantage of that fact. In the first day of uni, i didn't run any sets or anything complicated like that, i saw a girl by herself and went to talk to her, it was pretty easy since she was vulnerable and didn't really know anyone, i did that on the second day of uni as well and ended up getting 2 phone numbers, no big deal. I am in engineering school, so girls are rare which means the competition is fierce, i got myself ahead of the competition by approaching girls and getting numbers but the competition will soon catch on and i am in trouble, why you ask ? because i don't know how to finish, i am great at holding a conversation but i don't know how to create sexual Tension.

Hoping someone could shed some light real soon because i only have a few days until these girls start meeting other guys and eventually lose interest. HELP ME PLEASE.

Side note: this isnt the first time this has happened, i open really well and i dont know what to do after that, could really use some help. Thanks guys. you're the best.