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    Default Help gaming girls and bringing them home

    Hey guys, so I've kind of realized I've got pretty good game in a one-on-one setting, but my closing is nothing to be desired. After a whole thing that went down this summer and talking to a friend after, I decided to take up the "give no f***s" methodology to try and get a little ballsier and get past that initial comfort and rapport stages. It worked pretty well the first weekend back at school, though the ending was still semi-tragic as I didn't get her back to my place, but that part actually was not my fault. Anyways, I would like some help, both in texting and face to face conversation within a house party/bar type setting, in terms of getting into sexual talk and building to the point where I can take her home. That's the part it seems like I still need a lot of work on. I still seem somewhat uncomfortable getting into that type of conversation. Advice on both how to slip in hints through how I phrase sentences as well as blatantly stating things would be much appreciated!

    Also, does anyone else seem to have the problem when they have mainly just texted with a girl, once you get to the point where you can ask her to hang out, you seem to lose interest? I do a lot of crazy stuff I guess and I find A LOT of girls to be fairly unexciting and boring, and it's hard for me to talk to those types of girls. I guess that's what I have to think about with things working the other way around, right?

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    Default Re: Help gaming girls and bringing them home

    I don't have an answer for the first part of the question but for the part where you lose interest , I think you need to know that hot girls are not interesting cuz they get used to not having to be because you know ... They're hot. In my opinion you can make things interesting in text messages by kind of leading the conversation and instead of getting to know her just say something about yourself and she'll say something about herself without you even asking, I believe it is called the alpha way of texting hope I helped .

    Love this community BTW .

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