I went out to a local university hangout that is always full of hot chicks. I am 28. I paid my friend $100 and told him
to give me $10 back for every approach I made, so if I didn't make 10 approaches, I would lose money. He ended up getting
really drunk and I only made 7 and he needed me to drive him home, so I got all the money back anyway.

I went out in a black suit jacket and some large Gucci sunglasses.

1. Me: Do you think these glasses are too cool for me, or am I too cool for these glasses?
Her: Well, you shouldn't wear glasses inside.

2. Me: What do you think of these glasses?
Her: They look a little big.
Me: Oh well. So what do you guys do? Do you go to (local university)?
Her: Yes.
Me: Are you about to graduate?
Her: Yes.
Me: With what?
Her: Bachelor's in education. What about you?
Me: No, school was a long time ago for me.
..... silence ....
Me: Well you guys enjoy the rest of your night.

3. Me: are you Philipino?
Her: No, I'm Korean.

4. Me: Are you a supermodel?
Her: No.
Me: You should be. Are you going to try out.
Her: Maybe.

5. Me: If I was really rich, do you think I should brag about it?
Her: No.
Me: Why? What if I'm proud of it?
Her: I wouldn't use it to start a conversation.

6 and 7. I forget what 6 and 7 were, but they were nothing of any significance that lasted more than a few seconds.

Here's my summary of what happened. When they started out, it was overthought and talking about the glasses I was
wearing just as an opener. That's okay, though just to start out. The opener really doesn't matter as long as it gets
a conversation going.

On the one instance wheree a conversation did get going, I ran away. This was when she was asking about what I do, and
to be honest, I'm really proud and interested in what I do. I own a home building company that should profit me about
$360,000/year if all goes as planned.

peacocking works. When I walked around with those Gucci shades on, I got a lot more looks than when I walked around
without them.

I have a question for everyone on this forum. How do I be more exciting? I could walk up to the hottest girl in the club
and ask her what she does for a living and what she goes to school for, but that is boring and she has probably had that
conversation 1000 times. Maybe she doesn't want to talk about it. How do I talk about things that are more exciting. The
only thing I can think of is to become a DJ, but I don't want to do that. It's just not my thing.

Also, I need a better wing. He doesn't talk much and not at all unless he's drunk. And then he got too drunk and wanted
me to drive him home two hours before the place closed. I have been going out alone for months and it's time to stop
because "only weirdos go out alone." Lol.

Are there any guys on here that can bring a girl home nearly every time they go out? What are your methods?

And to be fair... I probably should have made 10 approaches in 10 minutes, rather than seven in 2 hours.