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    Default Screwed up and trying to recover

    Met a girl while she was working and just dropped my number, suggested we get together some time. Soon as she was off she texts me, saying she normally wouldn't do something like this, usually tosses numbers. She set a time for me to meet her at lunch a couple days later. She then got cold feet, backed out. Kept talking daily through text, she always initiating, and I pushed for another meet. She ends up telling me she's been thinking and she's just not ready having just ended a bad relationship. We keep texting almost daily, me making her initiate every day. I push for another meet and she tells me she's got a lot going on, can't deal with too much and I'm being kinda overwhelming, so I told her I'll back off and we can just be friends until she's more ready. I did meet up with her briefly on one of her breaks at work, all the body language was there that she was attracted to me and nervous (shy girl). I wasn't able to Kino though. After work she texts, happy I came to see her, dropped a compliment or two and we just texted back and forth for awhile. I later realized I was exhibiting beta behavior, trying to gain trust and emotional connection before a K or F close, instead of the other way around.

    So after I conversation about something she's been worried about dealing with, me finally getting this guarded girl to open up to me some, I decided it's time to change the dynamic. I'm in day 2 of a Freeze Out, giving her the gift of missing me for awhile. When she initiates contact again, I'm going to dhv and make it clear I've got other things going on.

    If she doesn't initiate soon, how long should I wait to tell her I haven't forgotten about her, just had lots going on?

    If she does, beyond DHV how do I proceed?

    Is this even salvageable?

    Edit: Looking back I do realize I came on too strong and gave away too much too soon
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    Default Re: Screwed up and trying to recover

    LOL! I will be banned for stupid talk. The cold feet was direspect and you kept texting her like a byatch. Bad move player. Alll the rest doesn't matter.

    You should have told her you don't respect and have no time for woman who behave like children. Closed the phone. And see if she bites and chases you like she should. And make it clear no texting and iphone fantasy bullshit.

    I personally would have made her take me out for dinner and chose a expensive restaurant.
    She did bad and must pay a price. Nothing is free.

    Good luck next time.


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