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    Default Doing what YOU WANT is the key Pick Up Mantra I have now!!

    Don't go overboard with this one because some jerkoff claiming to do everything HIS way is a douchebag. Anyway a Nice Guy with a bad boy Edge is how you should view this thread as it is how I sharpen my sword. Now no I would never say become an A-hole or be an A-hole but A-hole mode is okay because broads will put you on blast and get in your face and A-hole mode works great for an ice cold female cuz some whiny dude would cripple in those situations.

    Anyway about today....

    Do WHAT YOU WANT and WHEN YOU WANT IS the key Pick Up Mantra::

    Why do I feel this way??

    Well I am not a rook/rookie, and let's view it like a game of chess shall we?

    If I were trying to become a Pick up Prince/King what are my actions/steps?

    Step #1 Don't get weird
    Step #2 Don't get weird
    Step #3 Be weird naturally not unnaturally

    I think the issue stems (I am a 3 year veteran and next year looking to close some high end goals) from guys getting weird on the issue of dating or going out.

    EVERY TIME and I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME I got weird on a chick she threw me to the curb. I think it is more than okay to BE WEIRD. In fact encouraged. We need more weirdness to this normal life. The issue is making things weird at the wrong time, or being weird in general and having no calibration or worse getting weird on a topic.

    For instance...

    Weird things (lessen chances)
    Meeting a chick and first time going AFC or in general going AFC too much
    Not meeting ENOUGH chicks
    Focusing on one chick (oneitis)
    Pursing a chick too hard (neediness)

    Now I think the explanations of these matters may come at another time but either way let me break it down a little bit.

    I am a 4 year veteran in the scene and set a goal more myself every year and accomplished them!!

    Year 1 Approach frenzy (nearly 100)
    Year 2 Get a cougar (dated a 45 yr old HB8)
    Year 3 Date an HB9 (Dated an HB9 for 3 months and DUMPED HER)
    Year 4 Get an HB 10 (Actually HAD THEM COMING TO ME EVERYTIME I went out)

    So how in the world did I go from a AFC dude being scared sh!tless to approach a two set of a 6 and 7 in a low key bar to BEING APPROACHED by 10's in a high profile bar??!!!

    One word


    Now That I can game 10's do you think I would waste my time on anything less? NO

    So next year with a 10 being THE STANDARD I plan on getting laid by said lazy 10 and getting laid in general (7's are okay though against my wishes may need to start somewhere in terms of seduction)

    Just for a base operations but once a bag a 7 I will try an 8 then a 9 and so forth if the 10's don't put out in worst case scenario.

    Besides the point though my main goal next year is BECOMING THE MAN. Going all out with my tatts, getting some changes made, cutting some BF% and owning my Pirate Pick Up Persona.

    So how is it going?

    So I know HOW TO DO IT.

    the 10
    I have been getting a lot of responses, reactions, and emotional charges from 10's lately. That's right!

    On facebook, dating websites, being approached at the Bar, and being hit up randomly online and seeing lots of results in field I think it is safe to say "I have it".

    Now it is only locking down the GIRL I CHOOSE. Not settling for some 9 (which I dumped) but going for the girl I really want.

    So I am making it a regular practice at getting really good at talking to 10's which is working. I talked to 2 10's this past month on facebook which is nearly impossible due to all the high volume they have going.

    Anyways I have a couple of targets (10's only) in the pipeline and will unleash them next Summer (My Beastmode) and unravel the truth of their loyalty.

    The thing is how do I know I have it?

    Doing what I want?

    Because of my base perceptions of the 10 started as

    "She is a 10 she can have whoever" "She will do whatever" "The rules don't apply to her"

    EVERY SINGLE 10 I have dealt with is extremely taxing and difficult and totally different from the next. You can pigeon hole 9's but not 10's.

    Except for one thing....congruence.

    I think the One Rule that does apply to 10's that trumps all the lower rung chicks is to have congruence. I think any 10 I have dealt with have all kept me to a brian boy boytono mentality. As in own yourself, rock yourself, and be yourself.

    The trouble is 10's make my head all screwy and hard to think clearly. In doing this I can get away with ALMOST ANYTHING. I can SAY ALMOST anything. I love this kind of liberty I don't get with other chicks.

    For instance I am working on a couple of 10's right now all of whom HAVE ACKNOWLEDGED ME.

    Mansion chick
    Country Gal
    Single Mom

    So all 3 are online (No longer online so no more in field till next Summer)

    But what's interesting is that I tell them whatever I want, I do what I want, I don't try to hide who I am to impress them but most importantly I keep my attention to them limited (to prevent oneitis)

    In doing this when I DO TALK I get responses!! I do this for practice of communication with the upcoming no doubt next Summer hookups and arrangements.

    In so doing this practice I feel almost challenged to talk to a 7 or 8 and "GAME HER" because it is insulting to me. I don't like them instantly.

    I have gotten so good at game I no longer need the crutches and when I see a 7 or 8 that used to make me go AFC now I am shunning them like the plague.

    I go all out on my 10's and the rewards are showing. It is still early now that my Pick Up Persona and things have materialized I will focus my next pick up stretch in the playoffs with the 10's.

    Again how do I do this?

    I say what I want (charming)
    I do what I want (non-neediness)
    I act how I want to act (low outcome independance)

    I have stopped saying what I think they think I should say. I stop doing what I think they want me to do. I do the opposite and surprisingly it works! The only struggle is to do exactly what I want and sometimes my mind says this is the right thing to do or say and then I wait 10 minutes and think of something better to say and realize that other thing was what she wanted me to say but my mind playing tricks on me.

    So the struggle is knowing myself now whereas it was always trying to appease them.

    My plan of attack is simple
    Be myself

    Much easier that way.

    One of my current romantic interests aka 10's recognized this lol. Instead of a message or relationship request my first contact was an invite to a music party to which I got a cryptic reply (most women are this way) she didn't say anything to me directly but wrote on her wall some cryptic message about me.

    To a complete stranger I felt a little spoiled being acknowledged subconsciously by a 10 that I actually liked it was a big ego boost definitely not the first time but felt good.

    She blew me a hidden kiss, I replied and she liked what she heard. I spoke from my heart that time. And we haven't talked since but the important thing is we are still connected on there and my plan of attack is only inviting her places NOT talking (aka time wasting)

    She saw that I was trying to wrangle her up for a hookup and I corrected her saying subconsciously through sub-communication No it is an EPIC HOOKUP. I knew it she reacted the way I predicted and submitted to my dominance.

    Anyway she is still in my target list but the important I am saying is that she saw the way I was acting this I will only get what I want and totally called me on it so I was surprised a 10 acknowledged me but at the same time understood me. That was a big change. Now she knows I am probably only trying to use her but that is the goal to win the game of chance.

    Say what you want

    Deploying this full force in Beast Mode next year. Adding Knowledge to my experience to see what happens...
    When you let go of your feelings you can really then embrace your surroundings
    Love is a game that's why I don't worry about it anymore. When you let go of your feelings you find your meaning.

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    Default Re: Doing what YOU WANT is the key Pick Up Mantra I have now!!

    4 year and you call yourself a veteran. Try 21 years boy.

    The advice you shared is surprisingly good. I had to read your post more than once to understand what you mean.

    Yes Not giving a fuck and not TRYING TO CONVINCE a women to like you will make you attractive.

    Trying to SELL yourself usually pushed attractive women away.

    Another way to say it is "Follow you instincts and go for it"..


    you used the word 10 so many times. Saying I went from 9s to 10s. By the words I feel you are still putting them above you . What is the difference between 9 and 10s? Are you talking about looks.

    If it is about look then I need call bullshit and here is why:

    1) 10s are VERY VERY RARE. I call them 8s but who really cares.
    We have to travel across the world to find the most beautiful. And when I find them they have a career ahead of them.

    2)You said when you go out a 10 approached you. I assume you are talking about a club. Girls with extremely good looks DONT have time to go to club or party. They are busy with casting and photoshoots the whole day. They also need the sleep to their skin healthy. Ingeneral they girls who hangout are actually 7s who put high heels and the whole show and have instagram model pages ahaha and say they are models.

    3) You talk about 3 10s one is a single mother. How can a single mother be a 10. Makes no sense.

    4) You talk about working 10s on the internet.10s DOnt have accounts on the internet. They have agents and an assistant and the reason they make social media accounts is to promote themselves or get some work.

    5) How can you talk or even discuss girls you didn't fuck yet as success.

    Your point of view and advice I agree with and is good. Good job.


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    Default Re: Doing what YOU WANT is the key Pick Up Mantra I have now!!

    Thanks brah. Gotta hit the sack but here we are back to this AGAIN. After writing this she is showing interest and playing the kind of mind games on Facebook I love. She is a 10 and sent out an invite to everyone!!!

    I know how this goes. My EX-GF did this to me why she had so many side BF's.

    Then they were playing words about wanting "girl crush" I think all these codes and subliminal messages are evident.

    They don't do it before.

    They do it after we meet.

    I wanted to wait till Summer and she is acting like this now. I responded throwing a tiny confirmation "hey I'll swoop by sometime..haha"

    Tired of caring
    Tired of impressing
    Don't care blocked or rejected.

    I showed interest she is showing interest so we take it slow no big deal all I said was secrets and mind games. No commitment.

    Back to bed...I'll see if I am blocked tomorrow but she is behaving like I would expect or want.

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    Default Re: Doing what YOU WANT is the key Pick Up Mantra I have now!!

    Wow.. I'm proud of myself for actually not falling asleep reading this bs.. you start off saying you're 3 years in PU, then you say you're 4 years in. You talk about how much you don't give a shit and how your confidence is legendary yet in almost every sentence you say that you're waiting so you can make a move. If you truly did not give a shit, you'd do it right now, call them, ask them to hang out n stuff. You don't even talk about Kino what so ever, you talk to 9s and 10s on facebook, congratulations, have you even kissed or had sex with any of them? You mentioned a couple of times that YOU dumped the HB9, you're obviously very proud of that. You exaggerating a lot with your stories, trying to impress people you'll probably never meet in real life. I admire your enthusiasm though, good to know that you're still into pick-up after 3 years, if you'd actually be the person you say you, yet a bit more humble I'd actually have some respect for you and your so called "field report" would actually be believable.

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