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    Salaami Guest

    Default Approach, Retreat.

    Lately I've been trying to do my openers a bit differently then traditionally. Instead of walking into a set opening and then going straight into the routine I have started doing something i call Approach, Retreat.

    Here is an example of it.
    Start opener as usual, in this example I open with a slight neg. (The HB has approached my table to talk to another guy, I bring myself into the conversation.)
    Me: What are you drinking?! It looks gross! (she put a Starbucks cup on the table that had some kind of drink that was green in it :\)
    HB: It's actually really good, it's green tea mango banana and strawberry!
    Me: Green tea? It really sounds disgusting, want a hint? Try a chai.
    HB: I get chai sometimes.
    Me: Alright, well I have to go I'll see you around.
    HB: Yea, alright (disappointed)

    About 5 minutes later I see her get in line with a friend to get food. I get up and get in line next to her and start our conversation again.

    Me: I hope whatever you are about to order isn't anything like what you had to drink.
    HB: No I'm not eating she is (points to friend)
    Me: Hey, I'm Tim nice to meet you.
    Friend (F1): Nice to meet you too, Olivia was just talking about y----
    HB: ----What! No I----
    Me: ----Don't interrupt, me and your friend here were having a good conversation.
    HB: (laughs) Yea whatever.

    At this point I start my usual routine. Anyway, is this a good idea, or is it me just being stupid?

    I closed with a number, but I'm pretty sure if i had more time and had isolated I could have kclosed.

    *not my real name

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    Champion Guest

    Default Re: Approach, Retreat.

    Sounds like a great way to open at a coffee shop, but it's a big risk hoping to get that second encounter. People like to move.

    Your opener is solid, Light neg, Time Constraint.
    Breaking the conversation up into two sections is a great way to make her think she has known you for longer then the actually has, and builds social proof for talking to her friend.

    You could also expand on the connection with Chai. Making the approach that little bit longer before retreating.

    I'll definitely give it a shot.

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    Salaami Guest

    Default Re: Approach, Retreat.

    Yes, I forgot to add day game only.

    I've been using it nicely at school where I end up running into people a lot. Even if the time difference between first and second openers is pretty big, I find they usually can still remember me.

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