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    Default The Ubiquitous Multi-Set

    Interacting/playing the numbers game with girls one-on-one isn't that big of a deal to me. The problem is that, usually, in my experience, these girls are usually ho-hum 6's 7's, maybe 7.5's. The 8+'s I've hooked up with all came through social circle meetings. There are quite a few 8's, 9's and 10's out and about at the larger nightclubs in my area for me to get more excited about, but they are ALWAYS in groups. The problems I've had include: ho-hum/ugly friends being jealous their attractive friend was getting so much attention or the less attractive friend being much more overtly attracted to me (one chick actually jumped right in front of her friend at the last second with a big smile on her face when it was obvious I was walking over to talk to her friend). Even had two friends at the gym who were into me with the borderline-bangable one being much more aggressive/overtly, so I decided to try to get them into each other and make a play for a threesome to get at the really hot one without a bunch of baby mama drama. "No way, we're like sisters." WTF

    So, what's the general consensus on how to play these complicated multi-sets?

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    Default Re: The Ubiquitous Multi-Set

    Win the group....

    Go after them last...

    Be unaffected by their looks...

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