...and I have no idea how to fix it.


- I meet girl at concert.
- I make girl laugh at times and keep her relatively engaged (albeit with a drunk horny carnt as sole competitor, who I mock all night and she laughs at)
- I offer girl ticket to upcoming gig, she sounds interested.
- I take girl's number only to not save it properly.
- I go blow my extremely limited savings on another ticket with plan to claim it was a gift from a mate.
- I find girl on facebook, we make friendly conversation.
- Girl bails on me cause she's apparently sick. I go alone.
- Now I feel royally screwed.

I suppose I should make it clear (if I haven't already) that while I'm OK at talking to women once I get past fear of approachment, I am incapable of sealing the deal (or even avoiding the friend zone) and I have little to no ability to read their body language.

Now I need some help from the PUA's. Even if this one is a wash, I figure that anything I learn can be used on the next one. I'm usually a really anti-social guy (difficult past) but I'm trying to open up now that I'm in uni in a new city away from everything that was holding me back (except living in my parents' basement, and I figure they don't need to know about that until and if it gets serious).