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    Default Pickup Dream and Interpretation: Classes

    So after just waking up from a short nap I had a dream about a new Final Fantasy Video Game. But because I am a lone wolf I dug up some wisdom. Due to the depth of my perceptions regarding self I examined to MAKE SURE there was nothing hidden. This was not a dream about Final Fantasy it was a dream about Pick Up. Here is the dream and interpretation.

    Keep in mind these things come from my own bias of spirituality, hobbies, and viewpoints on life and certain things.


    Final Fantasy Game

    Interpretation: The Game of Life (or the Game of Pickup)

    Status Quo & Intrepertation:

    Warrior Class: Living in a Dark Life (Without G-d/ G-d as a Enemy especially no Pickup)
    Thief Class (Pickup Master w/God possibly as a friend)
    Paladin Class (God as Master with NO Pickup but trying "Natural Progression of Church Dating")
    Monk Class (God as Master with Celibacy as in no women at all)

    For the dream I picked Warrior (My favorite regular class in a FF game obviously!)
    In life I have probably tried ALL these classes. I started out as a Warrior obviously not knowing God. Anyway the dream!!

    Thief: I hear there is a secret base up ahead but there is only one entrance which requires a trial.
    Warrior (myself): Where?
    Their: 120 Leagues ahead.
    Warrior: Past all these trains IN THE DARK!!??
    Thief: Yes the door is locked THIS IS THE ONLY MISSION right now. Everything else is open country land.
    Warrior: You go on ahead you are faster than me, scout ahead.
    Thief: I'll unlock the door for you to the base.
    Warrior passes through 3 blazing fast trains and crosses a marsh before travelling backwards a couple times and finally finds the temple or base. Enters regularly
    Warrior *Hears muttering of a Temple Overlord travelling down the windy staircase*
    Temple Overlord: What do you mean there is a test?? (talking to someone under the radar)
    Temple Overlord continues the conversation and the Warrior chooses to eavesdrop to find out the nature of the target to see if is hostile meanwhile he notices the Thief ahead of him already sneaking around out of the Temple Overlords field of vision. Temple Overlord continues.
    Temple Overlord: I know there is a quota but I run my ship differently I let people prove themselves.
    Temple Overlord: I think they should just pass the trials and that be it.
    Thief makes it to an inner garden and is greeted by 3 scantily clad women who steal away the thief into the inner sanctum and the Warrior views this and becomes enraged and instantly a part of myself (lucid dreaming) knows this is a farce while still thinking it is a video game (lol).

    Warrior approaches the Temple Overlord.

    Warrior: Why would the Thief win the Game when I outrank him?!!! The Game is duped, I worked so hard to level up and rank up to only be beat by a quicker weaker thief makes me so mad. Why is the Game setup for only the Thief to win? The Paladin and Monk never found this Temple and never will!!??

    Temple Overlord: Let's check the vid on it and see what the developers did.
    Temple Overlord: Yep the game is definitely rigged. Game Over man. Restart as a Thief next time geez.

    After waking up I first thought this was about a new Final Fantasy Game (Yes I really love Final Fantasy) but kept examining and realized that something wasn't quite right because I always why the chicks so why would the thief win? Then I realized I was living too much like a Warrior and time to up my game and get back to Thief status and this all started to slowly unravel.

    It just revels my true feelings about the Game in general and my journey. I started out as a non Pre-Selected Paladin in a Church Setting who was rejected/ex-communicated from approaching Women and thrust upon the Pick Up Scene to only become a master at was pretty nice. Now my heart is talking here that I still think the game is rigged since it should be setup (since life/women were made by God) for only the Paladin or Monk to win (what you would think to be right) but I was pretty upset when the Thief wins because the Paladin and Monk never made it shows you they will normally in their natural attitudes never seek Pick Up and expect a woman to fall into their lap. I didn't have this luxury due to be kicked out of the dating pool like I said.

    Hence the dream. Something interesting to think about. And yes I am going to live my daily life as a Thief but only till I get too old for the Bars and Clubs to game hot young women (about 42 and I am 32) so I have 10 years to thug out but after that I will probably go back to being a Paladin or Monk hehe. So yes I am little perplexed since my only issue with Church was finding a woman (I still attend Church but not for women) and feel that I have to live like a Vagabond because the game is a bit rigged which is rather perplexing. You would think God the master game maker would have made it easier to grab a women in his Church World but it was a game over
    When you let go of your feelings you can really then embrace your surroundings
    Love is a game that's why I don't worry about it anymore. When you let go of your feelings you find your meaning.

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    Default Re: Pickup Dream and Interpretation: Classes




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    Default Re: Pickup Dream and Interpretation: Classes

    Lol. Did you listen to some hypnotic audio before sleeping? A few months ago I listened to a hypnotic audio given in STYLE LIFE CHALLENGE. I don't really belive in this stuff but I just felt asleep while listening to it and man, the dream I had was so intense it almost felt real.

    On your post, yes dreams are sometimes good to give you a wake up call. So make full use of it. It's your subconcious reminding you of what you want to do.
    "If you don't Dream it, you'll never Achieve it"

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