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Thread: There is a girl

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    ragr Guest

    Default There is a girl

    Alright, so there is this girl I met about a year ago. the first time we met it was like we were made for each other, she was flirty, I was happy and even our friends were like "what is going on here?", until I knew she had a BF. I have seen here about 6 or more times since then and there is always some Tension between us.

    Last night I went to an a bar with some mutual friends of her and I. Since we wanted the same to eat I told her "hey why don't we order just 1 and eat it together, then we will split the check" she said sure. so everything was pretty awesome, even when someone brought up her BF. The guy doesn't even go to visit her because her house is too far from his. She just talked pretty badly about him and everyone on the table was saying "just broke up with that SOAB" I just remained silent and laugh about it.Everyone on the table pretty much know there is something something between that girl and I. So anyways, at the end I paid for the food. She was very grateful with me. She had an awesome time with us and mentioned she likes to hang out with us and not with her bf and his friends. Even after she left she txted me saying "thank you so much for the food :]"

    We texted for a couple of hours more then she stopped. It was like 2 am already. Then I woke up today and she responded to the message she didnt answer last night, and said good morning blah blah..WE have been txting each other all day.

    My point is, I don't know how to react to this. I really want to be with her, but she still has a bf. And I don't like to enter in the "friend zone". she even asked me what way she should do her hair for work today. and many other things like "I am mad, I left my debit card in my house and don't have any money for lunch"

    So yeah, I don't know.

    Please let me know what you think.

    Thank you.

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    Champion Guest

    Default Re: There is a girl

    Some people are in a relationship just for the sake of it, I think she just wants you to take lead and give her a reason to break up with her boyfriend.

    She's yours for the taking.

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    ragr Guest

    Default Re: There is a girl

    Many reasons were given last night while we were having dinner with the group of friends..But how should I do that?..should i really give her reasons to break up with him?

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    Champion Guest

    Default Re: There is a girl

    What I was suggesting is you are the reason for her to break up. She is clearly into you and has made light banter to meet up with you again, personally... in your house. I would continue the game as if the boyfriend does not exist. If she does bring him up there is a lot of material about boyfriend destroyers around. That being said being the alpha-man and portraying qualities that will make her think that she will have a much happier time with you then her current boyfriend is the biggest boyfriend destroyer of all.

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    Default Re: There is a girl

    NO. NOOOOOOO. thats not the way to destroy a BF. You are better than this. Im not an expert on the matter but ive read some Sh1t about it. Dont talk bad about her BF because it makes YOU look weak. Talk about YOU, and what you can offer.

    Search Boyfriend destroyer here and you will get some lines to use. Dont use the Im not BF material line if youu have more interests than hooking up.

    you objective should be to turn the sexual Tension up and work for a Kclose. if you do that you are on your way to get her. eVEN WITH A bf you can Fclose. so who cares if she dumps him or not, just work for your share.

    Edit: if she says she doesnt have $ for lunch she may be asking for help, be a little cocky then offer a bit and it would work for you, unless shes very far from you. just make it seem like you were there anyways with or without her.

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    Champion Guest

    Default Re: There is a girl

    It's a bit unclear who you're talking to there Prjav, Is my opinion mostly solid?

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    ragr Guest

    Default Re: There is a girl

    Yesterday we texted each other like all day. then she stopped txting. Like how often should I text her? In a way that I don't look like I wanna talk to her all the time, but that I am interested in what she is doing, etc.

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    Mystery_wannabe Guest

    Default Re: There is a girl

    Ragr get in there and kick that guy's ass!!!

    She's setting up for it right now. Here's my 2 cents:

    - Don't try to destroy the BF, instead work on dating her and getting her out.

    - Try to kiss close and do something intimate with her

    - Show her your fun side (I think you're already doing that perfectly)

    - If she gives you "but I have a boyfriend already" you would say "yeah, you do, he's infront of you right now".

    She'd be having so much fun with you she wouldn't even be thinking about him. Since he's long distance you have high advantage. Seal it dude!

    Tips for kiss close:
    - Being a conversation and eventually make up something to say that requires you to whisper in her ear
    - once you're done whispering slide next to her lips and go for it!

    Since you're close to her face, there's less time for her to reject you and once you do kiss her, chances are, she will want to keep you.
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    ragr Guest

    Default Re: There is a girl

    Alright guys. Today She texted me, and after a few messages she asked me.."what are you doing today?"..I told her and then asked her back the same question. then she told me "i dont know lol. My boyfriend said he was coming to visit me but he canceled again"

    I asked her out. I said "haha, after i am done with what i am doing I will call you and we will do something about it"

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    The Playbook Guest

    Default Re: There is a girl

    Is there a reason why a majority of the posters on this forum are always trying to go after some girl thats in/out of some Sh1tty relationship? Do peeps like messing with damaged goods or something? Or do guys like being a tissue for girls to cry into for when their BF's aren't acting the way they want to..

    Dont waste time bud....from the way it sounds OP you sound like your being everything her current BF isnt, except your probably not getting anything in return from her except getting your hopes and emotions built up for nothing....

    Think about it for a bit.....
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