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    Thorn Guest

    Default Cold Read: The Color Test

    Hi guys.
    New to the forum. Not as new to the game.
    Wanted to share a cold read technique I developed about a year ago that I've used countless times to accurately (and impressively) cold-read my targets.

    The transition for this would be something like:
    PUA: "Hey, off the wall question... is your favorite color (xxx)?"
    (if yes)
    HB: "Yeah! How did you know?"
    (if no)
    HB: No, it's actually (yyy) color. Why?"

    PUA: Well, I learned about this cool personality test the other day called the Color Test... blah blah ... and you seemed like a (xxx) person."

    --The Test--
    Get them to list for you IN ORDER their top 5 favorite colors. (This makes her stop and consider and thus totally focus on YOUR train of thought because most people only readily list 2 or 3 favorite colors when asked.)

    Then tell her that the colors represent these things:
    Color 1 and Color 2 are her "outer personality traits," or extroverted qualities that she shows other people.
    Color 4 and Color 5 are her "inner personality traits," or introverted qualities that she shows only a very few people she trusts. (emphasize on the trust)
    Color 3 then is her "heart's greatest desire." (total Chick Crack)

    Then, break it down for her something like this.
    Blues/Greens - vibrant, natural energy or connection to nature, etc etc. very lively
    Red/Oranges - passion, intensity, raw energy and spontaneity
    Yellow - happiness, contentment, peace, sunny days, optimism
    White - purity, innocence, etc. (i always add "innocence... even if you might make some mistakes here and there *wink*)
    Pink - femininity, female qualities, sexuality, attractiveness, etc etc.
    Black (almost always paired with blue) - they have tough skin, been through hardship, maybe broken or jaded
    Purple - Almost always paired with pink, I represent purple with class, sophistication, "womanly" characteristics over the more youthful "girl" qualities

    Bright colors (lime green, neon yellow, hot pink, aqua blue, etc etc) emphasize positivity, friendliness, etc etc.
    Dark colors (navy blue, crimson, dark green, etc etc) emphasize realism, down to earth, focused qualities, she's less of a daydreamer, etc

    Of course, the descriptions above should always be tailored to the position they are given by her, and the color that they are paired with. The real selling point is the "heart's greatest desire" color. You can easily build this up and escalate this with some great Kino and such if you have already isolated her. The center color must be given a higher degree of impact and will require you to describe it with flourish and importance. If her center color is Yellow she deeply desires happiness and it doesn't matter to her who she marries or where she lives or who her friends are, just as long as she is at peace and can smile every day. etc etc.

    (Green offers a unique neg chance as the center color. You can refer to her playfully as a "gold digger, only out for money..." but then tell her what it "really" means.)

    Further neg possibilities come with outlandish colors. Things like silver, gold, burnt sienna, robin's egg blue, yellow-green, shades of grey, etc etc should be regarded as "fake colors" and they do not count at all, so she better pick some real colors and stop joking around.


    I have tested this in person and in text-game (phone text, facebook, myspace, etc) and even without seeing her face (in the case of many a random text message from a wrong number), this cold read technique has been flawless.


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    Thorn Guest

    Default Re: Variation AMOG Neg

    Additionally guys, I've field tested the Color Test as a AMOG destroyer by giving the guys the test and pointing out negative qualities to make them seem really undesirable.

    Color Examples for neg/AMOG:

    Blue: Emotionally shallow, immature, boyish
    Green: Envious, way too jealous and over protective
    Red: Short tempered, aggressive, violent tendencies
    Yellow: Flighty, daydreamer, afraid to commit, etc
    Black: Self absorbed, unable to empathize, egotistical
    White: Momma's boy, needy, etc
    Brown: No direction, no drive, no passion, no energy
    Purple: Feminine tendencies, a little girly and (physically/emotionally/socially) weak

    Bright colors represent immaturity at it's finest, doesn't take things seriously, etc.
    Dark colors represent damage, jaded qualities that he can't get over, etc.


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