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Thread: Overcoming AA - any hacks for newbies?

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    Default Overcoming AA - any hacks for newbies?

    Walt here. Want to go out this evening but still have a lot of anxiety and no wingman. Also short on funds due to marital situation. My plan is to stop by an upscale place after work, nurse a well drink, and try to make a couple of approaches. I know I need to practice, but my comfort level really stinks.

    Any advice?

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    Default Re: Overcoming AA - any hacks for newbies?

    Also short on funds due to marital situation.
    1. if your married you shouldn't be out trying to meet other women.

    [QUOTE][ I know I need to practice, but my comfort level really stinks.

    2. you already have the solution to your problem. you "need a little practice".

    3. its natural to be a little anxious when trying new things. its just part of how our minds work. only experience plus positive reinforcement will Take Away the anxiety.

    4. the best way to become more comfortable around women is to have a close female friend/role model who you can be open and honest with. that will increase your comfort around women ten fold.

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    Default Re: Overcoming AA - any hacks for newbies?

    Very much agree with Meteora.

    I still deal with aa myself, but it has gotten progressively less has I have to network for my job a lot. Unfortunately, now I start to trail down that dull small talk road and have to really push to actually lay down some solid game.

    I would probably go out with the mind set that you should talk to anybody. It doesn't have to be a girl or set of girl's, just any guy or couple or group will do. I think you'll find that if you are socialable and open, even if you are boring, people still won't destroy your feelings, or worse, kill you for it.

    If you can, try to incorporate some fun and light heartedness into the conversation, it's important to develop good habits you lessen your AA, and a ton of small talk with a bunch of different people is not the best habit. Start small and keep working, as you go you'll start to figure things out.
    You don't need her

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    Default Re: Overcoming AA - any hacks for newbies?

    All things set aside, practice is your long term sustainable friend here. I have been gaming for 3 years and hell I had Approach Anxiety last night, but I stuck in with the set and just did it. Ended up really well.

    That being said, it can be fucking torrential sometimes when you are starting out. My anxiety was fucking ridiculous back in the day, just because I did so many stupid things with girls that hurt my reputation lol. A quick pro tip is to genuinely find something funny. You can have 3 or 4 things in your head that really make you fucking laugh your ass off, and think about those right before hand. I am extremely immature, and I think about this one time I fucking ripped the smelliest fart at a party and cleared the entire room, people were running within 2 seconds no joke. Someone yelled "god damn it fuck you lifestyle! That took me like 3 seconds to smell that how does that even work???!" So fuckin funny. Laughing while I type this (I act like an adult don't I lol).

    When you laugh, it stimulates dopamine and GABA. Two anxiety relieving substances in your brain. Anti anxiety pills like xanax and what not stimulate the release of GABA which calms you down.


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