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    King Inkling Guest

    Default Flaked After first date seemed to go really well?!

    OK, so i'll keep it brief, (that didnt work)

    met a girl in a bar, we chatted for about 20 - 30 minutes, she was with one other friend so nothing was laid on too thick but we really got along so i got her number and said we'd go for a drink.

    texted her a few days later, couple of playfull texts back and forth n we sorted a date out for thursday. thursday came and i got a text in the morning saying she couldnt make it, she was sorry but maybe next week??xx

    i texted back. saying she couldnt back out now i'd allready ironed my hat, (inside joke) but it was a shame and what was up?

    ddnt hear anything, but wasnt too fussed.

    sunday came and i got a text from her, 'bit last minute but do you fancy a spontanious drink tonight?

    i was else where, replyed that after 4hr trainride a drink would be cool, meet me at 8 at the station.

    all good all good,

    met her there, she was looking lovely, took her to nice cosy pub for a drink, i got the first round, we chatted things in common, easy vibe flowing conversation, and lots of questions on her part and mine.

    had a friend running a fund raiser night for student magazine i took her there next. it was a fun vibe, she bought the second round of drinks, i did some open mic freestyle infront of the crowd, she seemed to like it, we then sat down at the origami section and made some plains on the sofa, much more Kino at this point. had a little competion with some other girls, they were asking about my rapping etc all smiles so i guess this showed i had choice. any way, during the next poet/act i kissed her, (probably an hour and half into the date)and through out the next hour we snogged 3 or so times more, she walked me to my bike then we walked back to hers. kisses along the way, hand in hand, kissed her goodnight, (didnt actually make any future plans but at that point it seemed obvious we'd see each other) she thanked me for such an interesting and different night and we said our good byes.

    soooooooo, for the flaking.

    two days later i added her on facebook,
    little message saying sumat like, i wanted to hear that greek frase from under the bridge again (we made out under a bridge while she was tryna tell me sumat in greek)

    then texted her the 3rd day saying 'hey sexy lips, is your henna tattoo looking like a kids scribble in orange pen?x (we got a hena tattoo the same night)

    still hadnt heard anything but wasnt really worried because the whole thing had seemed so solid, called her saint paddies day just to see if she was out for the parties, left a voice mail, nothing heavy, just, wasup, you out? give me bell be cool to see you, take it easy bye bye.


    now, nothing, on facebook itstead of saying, awaiting friend confirmation it just says add as friend again, so i guess that means she didnt accept!

    haha i really couldnt get this one round my head, everything seemed to go really well, and it didnt feel like anything in the successive days could warrant such a response, be it not the strongest game. other things like she was having an interview in a bar where my best friend goes out with the manager,

    kino was two ways, found a photo of the night with her resting her hand on my leg.

    so yes! very strange, reckon anyone can shed a little light on it, and also if there is anything i can do? me and my band are playing 2 gigs this week, Thursday and saturday ones at a big squat house, and shes quite an alternative chick. basically i cant see why she wouldnt wanna see me again, my ego hurts!

    thanks for any response


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    Default Re: Flaked After first date seemed to go really well?!

    how long has it been since yall saw each other?

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    Default Re: Flaked After first date seemed to go really well?!

    thats called buyers remorse, shes feels bad that she kissed you on the first date and she doesnt want to feel slutty. key is leave her wanting more, like kisser her now then tease, then tease again, make her want you and desire you bad.

    Also things could be going well elsewhere.

    Or she has somebody already, was in the middle of a break or something. theres a reason why she didnt accept you on FB. shes hiding something.

    If its harsh thats reality and that will make you stronger. dont go too hard on her, just give her a little more time and you will get your answer.

    to make the story short, make her work for the kisses by teasing her, this could also lead to her getting VERY around and want to fuck you on the spot. i think thats a bad secondary symptom.

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    King Inkling Guest

    Default Re: Flaked After first date seemed to go really well?!

    ahhaa, interesting. nice one

    kiss the tease.. i like it, i know i very easily fall into the trap of not 'gaming' solidly and letting myself drop it when i get to a certain point. ive got loads better but a life time of not even addmiting there was a game to it can be hard to kick!

    its been a week since the first date.

    so shall i just sit on it? let time take itscourse? invite her to the gig? (in a group message?!) the other thing is i dont live in a very big city so im allmost 100% gunna bump into her at some point, any advice when i do?

    thanks again, really good isight.

    buyers remorse haha!
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    TheGuardian Guest

    Default Re: Flaked After first date seemed to go really well?!

    dude, facebook fucks everything up. i swear to god.

    After its been a minute, text/call her back saying basically, "i liked where we were heading. what happened on the way?" Make it your own, obviously, but see what you get back.

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