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    Default How do you bring up sex talk without being a creep?

    How do you bring up sex for the first time in a conversation?

    Without being a CREEP.... which is something I am climbing out of....

    The only way I've done it recently is when a girl made a comment about the movie "Blow," and I said, "What? You want to blow me?"....

    But that is not good long-term strategy because it relies on her to make the move and it was accidental...

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    Default Re: How do you bring up sex talk without being a creep?

    Hey redstar1324, I had that same problem when it came to getting sex with a girl. I would totally draw her in but whenever I thought of ways in my head to start a conversation about sex, it seemed so awkward. Anyways, I started laying in my bed at night, endlessly thinking about it, and suddenly it hit me, "disguising". I realized that if you just put it in different contexts, for example: "Not trying to be weird or anything, but it just dawned on me that you bra is ____. That's my favorite color." That's when she'll come up with a conversation about how that's a cool color or how it's her favorite. Then, subconsciously, she'll think back to how you came up with telling her that ____ was your favorite color, and somehow she'll come up with a convo about her bra or bras and drag you right into it with her, and bras are one indirect way of bringing "sex" to light. Hope this helps you. It could work with anything as well, if she bends over to pick something up you or her dropped (you could "accidently" drop something on purpose) and you see the color of her panties. Jokingly just say something like, "Oh, heh, I noticed your panties, not being weird or anything, but that's my favorite color, what a coincidence" or something to that extent. Hope this helped you brother.

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