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    Salaami Guest

    Default How does pickup really work?

    This is a question I've been thinking about for a while. Here's my attempt at an answer.

    There are a few sections I'm going to break down, I'll put a table of contents in so you can jump around and ignore things you don't want to read. This is an ongoing project.

    Gaining Confidence
    Faking Confidence
    The Attraction Sequence
    Who are you anyway? Why should I care?
    Keno Escalation
    Creating Sexual Tension

    What is the first thing you notice about your friend who gets all the girls? It's confidence! You may think that all the confidence that he shows comes from him getting girls, but in truth he probably had it before that.

    Confidence is a big player in a woman's attraction to you, especially in the early stages of your time together. In fact, its a pretty big player in how men treat each other as well! Think about it. Who has more friends? The outgoing guy who doesn't really care what people think about him, or the guy who sits in the corner waiting for people to come to him. The reason why this works is because confidence shows up in every aspect of social activity. From body language to how you speak, even in your stance confidence is there, and people can sense it in each other.

    So how do we get confidence? Or if we feel like we can't, how can we fake confidence, is it even possible? Well lets break it down.

    Gaining Confidence
    We don't have a static bar of confidence, its more of a wave that can shift from 0 all the way to 1000 in a quarter of a second. When we go through a breakup or something similar our confidence will drop very quickly, and may remain low for a while. But when we do something that we impress ourselves with our confidence rises. So what is the secret to impressing ourselves? It has a lot to do with approaching things we are scared of. Remember the first time you ever approached a girl to try a routine on her? Remember how incredibly nervous you were? (or at least I was!) But how about the feeling after! Even if you just talked to her for 2 minutes and left without a number, without a kiss, without anything, but despite that we impressed ourselves, so we leave feeling empowered. Now obviously you cant approach a woman for the first time more than once. But who says all this confidence building has to stay in pick up? Go do something that you didn't think you could. For example if you are afraid of heights go skydiving! Imagine the confidence boost you will have after you land and realize that you just did something you never thought you could!

    Faking Confidence
    This is a pretty big idea, but it's something that we all do even if we don't realize it. Have you ever approached a girl just after being dumped but still managed to come off as confident even though you didn't feel very confident at all? That is something that you can only learn from pick up. This is why master pick up artists are so incredible. It's not because they know all the right routines, it's because they can come off as having such a huge confidence level that women (and guys) are sucked in by it and instantly fall in love with them.

    Confident, but can't get Girls!
    This is where things like keno, s3xual tension and routines come in. But remember all of these things are nothing without self confidence.

    The Attraction Sequence
    The attraction sequence consists of 3 things (I'm going to be giving unorthodox names to these things).
    1. Who are you anyway? Why should I care?
    2. Keno Escalation*
    3. Creating s3xual tension

    Who are you anyway? Why should I care?
    This is the attitude that makes a woman chase a guy. Some call it "cocky funny" but I don't think that is really what it is at all.

    It consists of one main idea, which is that you don't need her. Why is having this attitude so important? Because it makes you a prize, which is what causes attraction for men and women.

    The trick to this attitude is truly feeling like you don't need to get whatever girl you are talking to. Next time you are in a bar, or even a coffee shop, and you are trying to pick up a girl and you start to try to impress her. STOP. Instead of getting it in your head that she is incredible, one of a kind, and that you have to impress her right now or you will lose her forever, look around. See the girl's standing all around you, I assure you that you will find someone who is just as attractive. Think to yourself about what you are doing. Is the girl who you just met that night (or even before then) really worth you? You could have any girl you want around you, you have the confidence, you know the tricks. After reflecting on this for even a quarter of a second rejoin the conversation (when I make myself think about that kind of thing I try to put myself on autopilot in conversations, for instance I'll tell a story I know really well so I can think about other things). Treat her like she has to impress you now, and you'll get her in no time.

    Keno Escalation
    Keno escalation is probably the most important thing you can do while talking to women. Keno escalation is the #2 attraction builder, behind confidence of course. The trick to Keno escalation is to know the girl that you are trying to pick up (this is also the trick to pick up itself, more on that later).

    Know the Girl
    This is a lot simpler then you may think. I got this idea after seeing the pandora's box system (don't even try to get it at this point, all the slots are filled and to get in any time soon will take a lot of luck). Instead of going off of the exact way of "reading her mind" shown in the Pandora's Box system I decided to make up my own!

    Quick note before I show you my method for this, don't follow my steps exactly. Instead, make up your own, not only will you have more success it will be much more fun to do!

    The way I go about knowing the woman who I am trying to talk to works in 3 steps.
    1. Zone out
    2. Figure her out
    3. Test it out

    1. The Zone Out: The trick to this, as I talked about earlier, is to go into what I call auto-pilot mode. Start talking about something that you don't even have to think about, for instance a dhv story that you have told 10000 times.
    2. Figure Her Out: This is why you had to zone out, you need to do some thinking right now. As you are reading this stop and think about a girl who you recently met. There is truly only one thing you need to know about this woman in order to do this step. What is her sense of humor like. The reason you want to know this is because it will allow you to do a few things. It will allow you to know how far you can go in whatever you are about to say. It will let you know what her reaction will be like. And in some cases it will let you know what she is thinking about.
    3. Test it Out: Don't do all this stuff and then leave it there, the hole point of this was so that you could really get her interested in you, and so that you could start keno escalation.

    So how does this hole thing lead back into keno escalation anyway? Well if you know her sense of humor it means you can decide on your routine. By routine I don't truly mean a routine, I mean the specific strategies you are going to use in keno escalation.

    A girl with a good sense of humor
    Thumb war
    Whispering funny things to her
    The "meet my new girlfriend" routine (walk up to a group of your friends and introduce her as your girlfriend while holding her hand, make sure you have elevated keno enough so that she will be okay with it.)
    Silly palm reading

    A girl with a bad sense of humor
    Before I go over this consider if the girl is even worth it. A sense of humor usually means a pretty good personality, where a lack of one is the opposite.
    Palm reading (BUT MAKE IT SERIOUS(ish))
    This is tough, maybe if I can even think of more later I'll put them in. In general stay away from these women.

    Creating Sexual Tension
    There are many different ways to do this, and it's pretty important too.

    Ways to make sexual tension
    Tell some kind of sex joke and then look at her for about 5 seconds. Then look away and go back to the conversation.
    Some kinds of keno escalation can create sexual tension, for instance whispering in her ear.
    This should be pretty obvious on what works, so we'll stop here for now.


    *The only true attraction builder, the other two come from confidence.
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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: How does pickup really work?

    Please continue mate.
    This is what I need tonight. I am at a bit of a block but your contribution is something. I have a way to go with getting through this one so I will be working off this thread for a spell if you reply.

    Thanks mate. Much appreciated.
    I like your style in laying out each each one after the other and the linking together reads nicely.

    Thanks again

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    Salaami Guest

    Default Re: How does pickup really work?

    added another section or so. Gets more into what i like to do more then the first section.

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    Salaami Guest

    Default Re: How does pickup really work?

    Well I have too many ideas on what to write on. Im pretty sure I'm going to revise my last section later today because i don't really like it now. But I really need some help on deciding what's next. I'm asking everyone to post your suggestions on what i should write about next here please .

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    wannabe Guest

    Default Re: How does pickup really work?

    keep going... im listening. write some more please

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    Salaami Guest

    Default Re: How does pickup really work?

    Very well, you will have to wait for a few hours at least though because i have to run now, post ideas about what i should cover next, ill for sure be revising some of the stuff i dont like.

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