The secret, what the top 1% uses.. what the highest most masterful bold men use in their lives to plow through the fucking snow drifts of life.


Ever go on vacation, come back, and that first week all you want to do is lay down, dream about the beautiful women bouncing in their bikinis, and smash pizza? I am literally going through that right now. I am having vacation withdrawals.. but I am seeing the light.

I just returned from the craziest fucking vacation of my life, for 20 days I was in Medellin, Colombia... I can't put a lot of the things I did on here because A- I promised my friend who is taken I wouldn't tell anyone about the ridiculousness that occurred, and B- I... would probably be extradited back to Colombian prison lol.

I am building my momentum back up to the way it used to be, and here are a few tips that I have for you to do the same. It can be applied to approaching, lifting, eating clean, etc. Don't let momentum work against you, instead become a fucking freight train of manliness, and crush any brick wall that comes in your way.

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The Beauty of Momentum, the Secret to Destroying in Life | wingman- Dating and Lifestyle Coaching