A lion has got to hunt!!

Or does he? Wait it's the lioness pride that does the hunting...well you get my drift!~

Hunting Season Opens
Start up every spring. Spring 2016. St Paddy's Parade will be my official Warm Up to Hunting Season. Hunting Season being my Pick Up Activities.

Said it a thousand times but I'll say it again (never gets old). I structured my life around Pick Up. It didn't start out this way but it just somehow ended up this way. I started out just going out. Everybody knows what I am saying been saying it for a thousand years.

Anyway it just so happens all that going out burnt me out (6 months solid Feb-August) and I focused on Outer Game. Against initial persuasions I carried onward. In so doing I decided Summer is "in" with all the scantily clad women at Concerts to the Outdoor Bars hopping like Madhouses I feel in love with Summer something Winter could never give me. And the rest is history.

So I hibernate in the Winter (Playing Video Games, Getting Tattoos, working + hours), get tatooed and warm up in the Spring, and bring out my full blown Pick Up Package every Summer. Wind down in the Fall. Rinse and Repeat. Got it? Good!

Pickup Season 2016
So seeing how as it were (through my own inhibition) I came to this conclusion and plan all by my lonesome. Being a lone wolf that was in my nature to find a solution. And the best one might I add.

So in the essence of Hunting Season about to open up for the year (every Spring) and becoming full force effect (Every Summer) later on I wanted to point out some of my agenda and goal orientation.

Vampire Effect Vol. 2
I still haven't read my Pick Up books yet. I know I know still trying to read MM's work. But anyway something in there I believe about the Vampire Effect. Well I been trying to read it but should have the full diagnostic once the reading is done in the next couple of years.

But to further diagnose my progress....

On another level bro.

St Paddy's Parade Objective: Get wasted
I know sounds shortsighted and counterproductive. But I meet women, get phone numbers, makeouts and such by habit when I go out hunting on the prowl no longer a forced habit. More of a second nature or after effect. First it was forced now though the Summer Bunnies are coming to me!

Summer Objective: Catch a Summer Bunny or Harem of Bunnies

My first objective will be easy my second objective I have more invested so I would say it should be a trying time to get Summer bunnies without all the feelings thrown into play.

For the record I broke up with my Ex and tried to break up with my hairstylist who came crawling back. So here we are again with women hanging by threads. I wanted to start my rotation off fresh but I guess I can always change my phone number when it becomes a problem.

As for the coaching requests I have been getting lately yes likely if you want coaching feel free to contact me. More so in the Summer when my Game is on point.

Come Summer I turn into an animal man something fierce. Just ravaging through sets like a strange delusion has come over me unphased.

Anyway Vampire Effect
To get the desired impact you MUST
A. Suck her into your World
B. Develop a set or rules (I would like to call them more like guidelines than actual rules lol)
C. Get her to feel nothing (no emotional attachment) but give full compliance (seduction) thus making the connection strong and sexually charged but leaving an easy escape for exiting the relationship. I like to call this mastering the FWB (friends with benefits) agenda. While some may look down on this as a (friendzone) I see it as the perfect serum to running game as (serious relationships) can seriously clog up the forecast it can be hard to back out of a "friendship" with feelings involved. Hence why the Hairstylist or Ex won't or wouldn't let me break up with them. So my 2016 goal is mostly mastering the sexual charged connection (physical) but keeping it more platonic and not so emotional so I can back out without all the mixed feelings and mixed signals.