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    StreetLight Guest

    Default this is WRONG at some level but good on others

    as a magician it kinda stings me, that some people use the art I respect so much and work on everyday to meet women, like it's just a small part that ppl don't respect. Off course it's a big part of my game but it's also my profession. there are a lot of tricks here showed for layman, but... I guess it's a good place for me to find new material both for pick up and for my career

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    Ricky Guest

    Default Re: this is WRONG at some level but good on others

    I see your point, but for an average (non-magician) guy like me, it is amazing to learn some cool tricks to use during my interactions with women.

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    Brad Jackson Guest

    Default Re: this is WRONG at some level but good on others

    Hey guys...StreetLight in particular.

    I totally get your concern there...and it's one of the reasons I've gotten some blowback from professional magicians about creating

    It's funny, I learned a basic bar trick with some matches one night and when I saw the experience that I gave to a girl later with a fun began my marvelous obsession with magic.

    I learned everything I could...but I never wanted to perform for money or sold out crowds, conventions or anything like that.

    The social stage was my audience. And in particular...women. Though it's been a terrific way to gain the respect and admiration of other guys as well.

    I'm sure you can agree.

    But at the heart of's still using the "art" of magic not just to "meet girls" but to give them the same experiences that you give your audiences...just with some extra flirtatious and sexual inuendos thrown in to spike attraction.

    Not to mention, I've had a ton of students tell me how powerful it's been to increase their self esteem and reduce their Approach Anxiety.

    I know you weren't being combative in your post...I didn't take it that way...but I read this and wanted to respond.

    Because i have a ton of respect for the art of magic...I also love what it did to my social life and I enjoy showing others how to use it...correctly.

    I was going to stop there...but I had another thought.

    I'm also not trying to just reveal tricks...anyone can do that. I reveal how to do them with the charm and intrigue of a magician who has the ability to attract women.

    The WORST thing is when a guy goes out and learns a few tricks online and then injects them into his game with women without knowing the first thing about playing it cool and using the principles of seduction....and performance.

    So I try to show a little of both.

    Maybe...just maybe...a few of my students who never thought of magic before will get obsessed and continue their education and become the next Copperfield....ya never know.

    Brad Jackson

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